Zika Freaka

Not much to say here that wasn't said on the Ebowling for Dollars page.

I was listening to an NPR interview about the Zika epidemic with a guy from the CDC who said:  It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN!

A Jordan maxim is: Memory is a Survival Trait.

I had heard that lie before.  It was when they were promoting Ebola as the pandemic to end all...well...if you have a pandemic and everyone dies, then I guess you don't have a pandemic anymore...

Wouldn't you know: just when I was thinking that the freak that was vomiting that used car salesmen fear porn was echoing the Ebola sales pitch, they announced that he was the freak that headed up the Ebola campaign.

Memory is a Survival Trait.

We see how well the Ebola thing worked.  The Hive Slaves are so zombified simply going to work to pay tribute to their masters that they don't even get excited about a disease with a reported kill rate of anywhere from 30-98%.  That is, if they even could get excited since they were bred like herd animals to have ruined adrenal glands.  Hey, I heard they now have special schools for kids with 'anxiety'.  Anxiety as defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine is the effect of holding your breath.  What that means in physiological terms is that the brain sensors for oxygen are not getting a level that says that the environment that the person is in is safe.  That could be anything from mechanical hypoxia, to skewed lactate to pyruvate ratios, to a heart condition, to brain permeability problems (investigate B12 levels), or just that there isn't enough air in a room.  It doesn't mean that you toss a bunch of kids in a room at $28,000 a pop when the kids sound during an interview more like they are brain damaged with autism then they have any of the indicators of physiological hypoxia.   That is not to say that autism 'spectrum' doesn't or couldn't have hypoxia as part of its presentation.  Hey!  They have Lot & Serial Number variations for every permutation of vaccine damage possible!

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, people didn't even care about Ebola. 

Hell, Ebola didn't care about Ebola.  It is not like a killer pandemic suddenly goes on vacation when the fear porn doesn't push the herd into a slathering frenzy.  Where did it go?  I hear Cabo is nice this time of year.  I've never been to Trinidad...

So, they had to whip out Zika and the shrunken head babies.

I do not mock the families who have been assaulted by yet another military weapon that led to the microcephaly.  There are many cogent theories on what causes it including glyphosate herbicide and I dare say that probably All Of The Above applies within this Full Spectrum Warfare Battlefield.  [Is that where they got the word: autism SPECTRUM???]

It's the same old play every time, this is why I yawn.  Dread Pandemic!  Be Afraid!  Be Very Afraid!  Spray toxic nerve agents to get them damned mosquitoes.

uhh...would that be the Bill Gates genetically modified mosquitoes that the FDA/USDA/EPA so casually allowed to be inflicted on the world?  Better fact-checkers than I have delved into who owns the patent on Zika.  I just don't care because the details don't matter because it is all just theater for a war theatre.

When you realize the game play: attack brains and gonads of the herd; then the actions that follow fit the pattern.  Autism for the young, Meningitis for college kids, Alzheimer's for the old.  There will be those who fall through the crack so you must spray nerve agents for imaginary mosquitoes otherwise you won't get 100% coverage of taking out the Useless Eaters of the Herd that need culling.
It's called Vaccine Fraud because Fraud and Murder don't have a statute of limitations.