Multiple Chemical Stupidity

Multiple Chemical Stupidity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity became a medical danger word so they renamed it to Environmental Illness, Toxic Injury, Chemical Allergy and a host of bullshit 'syndrome' names that took out the meaning and import of what it is:
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

It MUST be an important word if they wanted to neuter it.

It is the one that I use.

It is the one that will cause you to lose claims in Social Security Disability or any other benefit you might seek from the very institution (so as to imply Mental Institution) that gave you the disease in the first place.  Always remember that the Latin of Govern Mente means: To Steer the Mind.  Mind Control.  When you talk about My Government or Our Government, then say it in Latin, it takes on a whole new meaning.  Try it.

The RAND report on Gulf War Syndrome said categorically that there were similarities between GWS and MCS and categorically said that they were NOT psychogenic.  Apparently the foul parasites masquerading as physicians have never read the report and don't 'believe' it.

There are many good sites and message boards out there on the topic of MCS.  Health topic authors like Lita Lee; Hulda Clark; Peter D'Adamo talk about the sequelae of Circulating Immune Complexes; Damaged Immune Systems; and Altered Genetics while dancing around the central issue that ALL of these things were DONE to you and the agent was most likely the biological weapons called VACCINES.

There are too many politically correct websites out there that just want touchie-feelie palliatives to what amounts to Planetary Military Occupation via Biological Warfare and unless you get to the heart of the issue that there are 1300+ biowarfare labs in just the United States and that with the release of the information on Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth as a contributing factor to MCS that unless these labs are extincted then NO ONE WILL EVER GET WELL.


Stop dancing around the godwillsaveusatthelastminute useless hope that somehow there will be an answer to something other than winning the silent war that has been waged against the population of this planet for several thousand years.

Hear that popping sound?

If not, then you still have your head up your ass.

Too rude?

Good.  Then leave my site.  Folks have been conned into getting FECAL TRANSPLANTS in a desperate attempt to get better.  That is magnitudes more rude than telling someone to pull their head out of their ass in an attempt to save their and their fellow-beings' lives.

The General Hospital system started in Paris in 1656.  This is where the term: Doctor’s Orders came from because it was formed by the Regiment of Grenadier Guards.  The Public Health System in the United States Virginia Corporation began as the Marine Hospital Service under the Department of the Treasury in 1798.  It was to get reorganized as the National Hospital System in 1870 with a Surgeon General.

That is all you need to know that when you enter a HealthKill facility it is an enemy military installation.

Get it now?

So, there are things to try.  I have been trying them for over 30 years now.  Making a little headway only because of the sad fact that you can have a good therapy but if you take it at the wrong time then it can actually make things worse.  That, and they keep inventing new and better weapons.  NOTHING IS NATURAL.  Since 1930 and the advent of molecular biology there hasn't been a 'natural disease'.  It took 6 books to tell you the basics of what I know, but I will try to summarize things here for my friends with MCS because another author called it the Rich Man's Disease: you spend all of your time and money just trying to figure out what you have and then the rest of your money trying to get better.

When you realize that this was DONE to you ON PURPOSE by a hostile military force it takes on a whole new meaning.  When you realize that the medical industry is just a branch of that military force and any 'alternative' to that medical industry is either in on the scam or capitalizing on the damage that has been done, then you will realize that you are surrounded and you cannot trust anyone or anything.  You must test and prove everything for yourself and what works for me may not work for you and might actually make things worse.

Many people are conflicted on the topic of environmental pollution, chemtrails, GMO foods and every other assault that seems to indicate the destruction of the planet and its population but they cannot resolve how the planet could be so corrupted yet not affect those who corrupted it.  In the background, I and my top email listmembers are trying to provide a science-based answer to that problem as it relates to Chimeric Organisms, Chiral molecules including DNA and RNA, and other crossovers from the Black Magicks that can give some sense to how and why any organism would foul its nest and expect to thrive.  And they do thrive while we die.  The ONLY conclusions that can be drawn from this are that either they EAT toxic waste, or they have SIMPLE countermeasures.
One of my favorites is

The Salt and Vitamin C remedy is based on science.  I went deep into my personal records to find references from a Protozoology text that confirmed it: amoeba cannot survive desiccation and Entamoeba histolytica can’t survive Vitamin C!

Theron Randolph, the physician from Chicago who was called the Father of Clinical Ecology used Baking Soda to adjust the pH of his patients to overcome toxic reactions.  I have noticed that in certain situations and over time that the collection of remedies either wane in their effectiveness or do not work in certain situations.  The reason was stated above.  The biological and chemical warfare is an ONGOING project where they modify and refine their weapons.  The yeast that makes bread and beer are biological weapons.  They have no more genetic resemblance to Saccharomyces cerevisiae than a Newt.  The reason that people can't defeat Candida infections is because the next gen of weapons release is always ahead of the curve of the folks who are trying to fight it.

When you consider that Archimedes had a form of calculus 1800 years before Newton, then extrapolate that 'their' science is the equivalent of spacemen to cavemen, then anything we try to do will be neutralized by whatever they already have cooked up.  I am not saying to give up or that we can't win, but you need a practical view of what is going on.  The other bullshit thing that is sold by the gullible folks who think they are not part of the masses is that: 'there are more of Us then there are of Them'.

Get that out of your head right now.

NATO wrote a series of books, one of which is The Biology of Aggression that explicitly outlines that they bred strains and generations of lab animals for specific behavioral traits.  It also talks about modifying behavior with Molecular Switches.  Parasitic wasps can infect a caterpillar with larvae that liquefy its guts and steer its brain (govern mente) to actually defend the grubs that hatch from its dying body.  There are NOT more of 'Us' than there are of 'Them'.  All but one percent of the world are gutted, steerable weapons.  Your neighbor is your worst enemy.  They are unrecoverable.  I call them Huskies.  Their minds are husked out.  They cannot and will not help us.

When you realize that you are on your own, you can't trust anyone, and you must prove your own therapies then you are in a safe place to begin to repair.

How do we do that?

I was going to write a book called Multiple Chemical Stupidity that outlined my decades of trying but when you have one-step-forward and two-steps-back from the situation I just outlined of them releasing software updates to bioweapons, it just didn't make any sense, coupled with the fact that everyone is different and people might not even benefit from the steps I took.

So we must approach it from a Systems Analysis point of view:
The layers of the onion must be peeled off one at a time.  You find the thing that is suppressing or disruptively amplifying your immune system right now, deal with that and then start going back in time to undo the damage done.  Detoxification a clinical monograph, and New Perspectives in Nutritional Therapies by Jeffrey Bland outlines Phase One and Phase Two detoxification pathways and how to damp down the overactive one while boosting the sluggish.  These basics will help.  Grapefruit is a very useful thing, but let's use that as just a single example of how this might go very bad very fast.  If anyone is on pharmaceutical drugs, the grapefruit might make them more toxic.  If they are not on drugs but take the grapefruit the result is that the slow Phase Two needs to be supported so that it can catch up and if that isn't done then you have a backlog of unprocessed toxins.

You might benefit from focusing on your lymph system.  Aluminum from vaccines and then chemtrails set up lymph like Alum makes a pickle hard.  Silicia homeopathy and/or Silicon WITHOUT MAGNESIUM STEARATE are said to remove the aluminum.  Of course stearates are in damned near everything, and they would be, because the Grey Coats (as a listmember calls Alternative Medicine) are in on the game, so they bait you in with something that you need, then give it to you with something that will send you right back to Hell.  Stearates are fats that clog the lymph as sure as a hairplug in your bathroom drain.  Repetition is key:  you can't trust anyone, you must know and prove what you are doing, and even your neighbor is your enemy.  If any of those statements were not true you would not be sitting there reading this page.

There are those who will promote Vitamin D and a host of other supplements while another camp makes a very compelling argument that Vitamin D can be toxic.  Hulda Clark's final message to the world was to get the highest quality Vitamin D possible.  I provide this page for MCS sufferers for free because I know what it is like to be destituted by a disease.  The full story on Vitamin D comes in my book ICD-999.  It will be summed up here that when anyone tells you that something like Vitamin D can become toxic in your body, that means that they have used vaccines or chemical agents to attack your cells so that Vitamin D is now recognized as a threat.  This is the attrition warfare that I was talking about earlier.  Are you seeing it now?  Full Spectrum Warfare.  Where the very thing that would make you well has been weaponized against you – no need for added fillers.

Why was Vitamin D needed as a supplement in the first place?  When you read ICD-999 you find that Serum Sickness is an attack on the Kidneys.  Without properly functioning Kidneys you cannot activate Vitamin D.  Then think about Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.  The small intestine is so overloaded with invaders that none of your food is getting processed and the small intestine is where all of the fat, fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins get into the body.  If the small intestine is messed up then nothing is getting through.  No Vitamin D, no calcium metabolism, no calcium metabolism, then osteoporosis…and on and on and on.

Peel that onion.

If there is a problem arising in the small intestine then no matter if you ate a Vitamin D factory you would not be able to get the substance into your system.  Some freaks advocate Vitamin B-12 shots.
A shot is a SHOT!

Number one: just like a vaccine, if you didn't make it, you don't know what it is in it.  Just because a clear liquid in a shiny needle says it is B-12 doesn't mean a damned thing.  Plus if it is injected it is viewed as an INVADER so your body will mount an immune response to it.  That means that the injected B-12 AND your natural B-12 will be tagged and attacked.  That will make you more deficient driving you in to the Grey Coat for…


I told you that you couldn't trust anyone and that you had to prove your therapies.

To summarize ICD-999, my first book, my postulate was that Serum Sickness from Circulating Immune Complexes served to Impair Immunity and the other ingredients from vaccines re-write our Genetic Code to the point where we could not cope with the outside world.  Get an eerie feeling you just read those concepts somewhere?  The point that I made beyond a shadow of a doubt was that vaccines caused nearly every damned disease known in North America.  You don't need to compartmentalize MCS from Fibromyalgia or Encephalopathies or Chronic Fatigue.  It is all there under a single door prize of Serum Sickness, but the other components and actions of vaccines serve to provide everything else from heart disease to cancer that just happen to be the top killers in America.
While the health gurus are telling you to take antioxidants, Albert Szent Gyorgyi in his Bioenergetics, 1957 said that without oxygen radicals life cannot build molecules.  So, which one is it?  Old Albert was one of the discoverers of Vitamin C and he said that life is impossible without it.  It stains adrenal and lymph tissue.  So we are back to the SIMPLE remedies outlined at the top of this page.

But what Vitamin C?

Authors like Donald Lepore, Ultimate Healing System and others show that the source could be from Corn, Peppers, or Citrus that can provide an allergic reaction.  Some of the best is made from Cassava, but when you check your list of GMO crops you find that Cassava is at the top of the list.
Like I said, they have weaponized everything.

So, the solution is not only to find out what is wrong with you, then find out how to fix it, then find out how to keep the fix from making you worse, it also includes restructuring the entire balance of power on this planet.  They made you sick on purpose, they want to injure, enslave, then kill you.  There is only one way to break this cycle.

This post is already too long and asks more questions than provides answers.  If you have been refreshed by someone who tells the unvarnished Truth because he has no vested interest in getting money from the readers or kickbacks from some supplement company then tell your fellow Canaries about it.  You are always welcome to email me at:
and I will be happy to reply as time allows.  Even if I can't offer any practical solutions I will confirm that what you are suffering isn't in your head…well, except for the bit where your central nervous system was poisoned with a physical substance…