1,2,3, DEAD!

I was told that I was credited inside of one of David Icke's books as having discovered the 1972 WHO memos.  I am grateful for any public awareness that can be brought to the work in general.  Let me expand on this most important series of events surrounding the Bird Flu (later to become the Swine Flu) Plandemics.
Joe Spenner is a gentleman who calls himself a "Farmer and a Janitor".  He wrote a book in 1992 called Rockefeller Regionalism, The Shadow Behind Oregon's LCDC.   Joe's book is full of some very well-researched and thoughtfully assembled data.  Some of the material I had never seen before.  From what I hear dribbling out of the mouths of the 'Paytriot Movement', most people are not even aware of the deep implications of the things that they rage against but do not understand, so they would benefit from Joe Spenner's exceptional associative insights.
One of the papers on health that Joe reproduced was the 1972 WHO Memorandum #1, Virus-Associated Immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease.  The moment that I read it I thought that Joe was a genius.  For whatever his background or understanding of this material was, to be able to see such a significant document and place it in his book was a gift to us all.  So, I started referring to Joe Spenner in writing and on the air as one of America's most valuable Intelligence Officers.
Having read Memo #1 and understanding it in its entirety for what it was; then finding out that there was a second Memo, I harvested them from UN archives.  When the information was reported to the public on 07/11/2009 the links suddenly became unavailable in the United States.  People outside the U.S. said that they could access them or they could get to them from NIH databases.
The two memos are presented on the PDF page as searchable PDFs so that you can have them, archive them, and research them via keywords.   I was asked by Jane Burgermeister in 2009 to give a soundbite explanation of the W.H.O. Memos for those who have no technical background whatsoever.  That was simple:
1, 2, 3, DEAD!
The memos were clear that by 1) shutting down the immune system of the Test Subject (read: mouse, or your granny) that they could 2) load the host up with otherwise lethal infections of viruses in every cell of their bodies with NO ILL EFFECTS, then 3) turn the immune system back on resulting in severe illness or death.
This was the clearest example that vaccines are weapons.
Vaccines via the standard use of adjuvants and the criminally insane amount of vaccines given to children at one time ARE DEMONSTRATED IN THE STANDARD SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE TO HAVE AN IMMUNOSUPPRESANT EFFECT!  This is just what would normally happen due to the ingredients and sheer number of blood assaults: shutting down the Immune System.  This goes a long way to explaining why they say that their poison shots 'protect' you from disease.  If you are incapable of mounting a response to a pathogen, then you will not appear to be ill.  To fully understand this you must read the sections on Clemens Von Pirquet and Serum Sickness in my book ICD-999.  When we study WHO Memo #2, Virus-Associated Immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease, Cell-mediated immunity, autoimmune diseases, genetics and implications for clinical research; and we add possibly The Colonel's Secret Recipe of COBRA VENOM to modulate the Complement Cascade; then we see that UNLESS YOU MADE THE VACCINE YOURSELF YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IS IN IT!
ALL of your governments (Latin for: To Steer The Mind) are signatories to the U.N. so they have appointed the W.H.O. as the Chief Veterinary to the World Herd.  So all of your governments are in on this planned genocide.  Well, unless you want to vacation in Palestine, Taiwan, Sudan or Kosovo.  Your Holy Books are all silent on the single Golden Thread (Sun Cult) method of genetic manipulation and genocide so all of your gods are in on the carnage.  The only one outside the loop is you.  IF you take exception to the way I present this material then you are no better than the rats that attack each other every time the floor is shocked by the criminally insane experimenter.  You need to rethink your entire life and start to develop some RAGE against the ones who have seen to the EXTINCTION OF YOUR SPECIES!
If you are not as outraged as we are about this PLANNED GENOCIDE then you are part of the problem.  Go out and get some booster shots of your favorite vaccines.  If you are not ready for a True Witch Hunt, then to rephrase an improper Southern Hate phrase:  You are an Illuminati Lover.  You have been conditioned with the bullshit Love Thy Enemy and Turn the Other Cheek self-destructive control mechanisms to do precisely what they want you to:  Kill yourself and let them run free.
Maybe the Trauma of showing you that you have been a Will-less idiot tool all of your life is enough to shock you out of the Mind Control of protecting your MURDERER.
Isn't it strange that the only place that they warn you that they are going to use INOCULATIONS OF DISEASE is in the Protocols of Szion and that was an Eyes Only Document for the ILU AMON ATYS.
Some morons have written to me to say that they had their most-intelligent friends read the Memos but the brain-trusts didn't see what I was talking about.  With even first semester Anatomy and Physiology you would have to be Brain Dead to NOT understand what the Memos were saying:
1)  Introduce and agent with immunosuppressive effect or breed for immunodeficiency.
2)  Load the host up with viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus and a host of foreign molecules.
3)  Any activation whether in Nature or a delivered chemical switch can reactivate the Immune System and the body will attack itself either in a Cytokine Storm that is damaging to lethal or by Autoimmunity – the Slow Death.
You must reference the N.A.T.O. Biology of Aggression material outlined in my book The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Animalia in order to understand what Genetic and Epigenetic Switches are available to these monsters so that they can run the body as if it were a computer in order to puppeteer the host as if it were a playtoy.
What kinds of methods have they already had in their arsenals to accomplish these goals?
Predating the 1972 WHO Memos we see:
1915 -- Pertussis Vaccine was released to begin World War One.  The bacterial toxin of Whooping Cough is used in the laboratory to SWITCH OFF Neutrophils.  Neutrophils are white blood cells that act as killer sentinels of the Immune system.
1918 -- soldiers deployed from the United States into Europe were given a Paratyphus Vaccination then were exposed to Lewisite Gas an Arsenic compound, and Phosgene Chlorine Gas.  Arsenic destroys White Blood Cells.  Seeing a Pattern yet?
1941 -- well before World War Two began every United States Military man was considered to have at least one Mandatory Tetanus Vaccine.  The bacterial poison from Tetanus Toxin comes with a warning to not be used in AIDS patients because it increases the growth of viruses.  Could this be because it SHUTS OFF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM?  Third time's a charm.
Chemotaxis, Imperial College Press, 2004, by Michael Eisenbach, ISBN 1-86094-413-2
p. 347  "In the early 1980's heterotrimeric G-proteins were discovered in many cell systems including the Neutrophil.  Binding of N-Formyl Peptide to Neutrophil plasma membranes was shown to be sensitive to guanine nucleotides.  Hyslop showed that N-Formyl Peptide stimulates GTPase activity in Neutrophil homogenates and plasma membrane fractions.  THAT SAME YEAR (1984) BOKOCH AND GUMAN SHOWED THAT N-Formyl Peptide MEDIATED RELEASE OF ARACHIDONIC ACID AND GRANULAR ENZYMES WAS INHIBITED BY PRETREATMENT OF NEUTROPHILS WITH PERTUSSIS TOXIN.
A toxin previously identified as an enzyme that ADP-ribosylates G-proteins of the subclass Gi.  It is now well established that N-Formyl Peptide receptors activate Pertussis toxin sensitive heterotrimeric Gi proteins of the subclasses Gi2, Gi3, with Gi2 being the most abundant.  Pertussis toxin-mediated ADP-ribosylation of the G-alpha i subunit of the G protein makes it unable to couple to receptors.  All responses and signaling events induced by N-Formyl Peptide, including migration, can be inhibited by pertussis toxin treatment with notable exceptions: the conversion of the ligand-receptor complex from the low- to the high-affinity state, receptor phosphorylation, and receptor internalization.
Ref:  G.M. Bokoch, A.G. Gilman, 1984 inhibition of receptor-mediated release of arachidonic acid by pertussis toxin.  CELL, 39: 301-308.
In a word, my dear friends, pertussis toxin shuts down Neutrophils like a switch.  AND THEY PUBLISHED THIS IN 1984!  When you factor in that it takes about 10 years for laboratory science to be developed and published then that brings us back to ~1974 which is just about the time of the W.H.O. Memos!
THIS is why I do Timelines.  People are conditioned to respond to numbers and when the numbers demonstrate undeniable facts then to ignore them is to do so at the extinction of your species.
In 1968 the Pentagon spent $30 Million of your tax dollars to study Witchcraft and Sorcery in Africa and Snake Venoms in the Middle East.  In 1972 the 1972 World Health Organization Bulletin 47, Memoranda #2 says that the use of Cobra Venom can deplete the Complement system making virus less lethal.  This is toggling the Immune System as if it were a machine.
To return full circle to David Icke and his premise that we live in a Holographic Universe where DNA is a 4-bit computer code being manipulated by 2-bit Psychopaths; you have to make a choice (ones or zeroes, off or on, yes or no) whether you are an independent Sentient Program or you are a Child of God adrift in some boiling Sea of Fate.
The Martial Artist Warrior would enter Battle with the Wu Shin.  The No Mind.  He or she would already account themselves as DEAD so that there was no thought or concern of life to impede the trained, reflex reaction of destroying the Enemy.
If you have gotten a SINGLE VACCINE you are already dead.  (See the movie D.O.A. for the dramatization of a Slow Poison).  It is just a matter of WHEN you will die prematurely.  It can come a generation later with plausible deniability in place – it wasn't the vaccine!  that was 30 years ago!  Or, it can come when they deliver the trigger via chemtrails, gmo food, water, your plug-in air freshener, whatever.  Immune system kicks in and Junior, Spouse or Granny drops dead like the flick of a light switch.
I covered the basics of this in my book ICD-999 before I ever saw the WHO Memos:  Virus infections make Antibody/Antigen complexes.  These Circulating Immune Complexes can clog blood vessels or implant in tissue making the body eventually attack itself.  The main focus of study in the WHO Memos was Kidney Disease.  They would take a test animal that either had been bred with immunodeficiency or they used Cancer Chemotherapy to cause immunodeficiency, then they would load the animal up with otherwise LETHAL virus.  Since the Cell-Mediated Immunity was suppressed, EVERY cell of the animals’ bodies were full of deadly virus but they ran around like nothing was wrong.  All of my life people with Stage 4 cancer have told me: "I was never sick a day in my life.  And then I went into the doctor for an ingrown toenail and he said I had STAGE 4 CANCER."  In 1930s Germany, Enderlein demonstrated with Live Blood Analysis that your immune system can be intact but disabled.  You can be infected, you can be full of disease, but you will not feel sick because your body is not fighting it.  I have seen this under Dark Field Microscopy.
The W.H.O. experimenters would then stimulate Cell Mediated Immunity and the animal would die from its own body attacking itself in what was called the Cytokine Storm associated with the 1918 Spanish Flu.  See the Pattern now?  This is what I call the Long Game.  They have been working on and refining these techniques for at least 100 years in our recent History.
In ICD-999, I also cover how the statistics for KIDNEY DISEASE were TOO PERFECT.  One in 10,000 were predicted to get kidney failure in the year 2000 and they were in perfect agreement with the regional statistics.  The ONLY away to achieve this kind of precision is IF YOU HAD CAUSED IT!
Read the damned memos.  Their primary study was on GLOMERULONEPHRITIS in the rodents.  KIDNEY DISEASE.  In 1972 Nixon signed a bill entering 1.7 million Americans into the Social Security system allowing for kidney transplants and dialysis.  Prior to this God Squads of doctors would decide who lived or who died because dialysis was not available to everyone as an Entitlement.  Typically it was working-aged white men.  All others died.
1972 work begins on antifertility vaccines.
You are already dead.
Are you going to lie down in your grief and take it?  Wait for a Man In The Sky to bail you out at the last minute and make all of your collected Life Suffering better and worthwhile by some Door Prize at The End?
Or, are you going to stop this Madness Once and For All, because they injected DEATH into you AND YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS!
October 2012 Update
When I first wrote this page I simply used the facts at hand to extrapolate the concept of a molecular switch that could activate the immune system.  After writing a series of articles for www.vactruth.com there were reader comments on the use of the GAP diet.  I thought I would check it out.  When I looked into the ingredients of the GAP probiotic I found that Bacillus subtilis was listed.  This is a sewage organism.  It has the unique ability to cause the disintegration of biofilm.  It also has the unique ability to stimulate all aspects of human immune response.  The deeper you dig, the more layers of petrified shit you uncover; and this was getting to epic fossilized proportions.  The skeletons in the watercloset were piling up.  It seems that along with its cousin Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), the sewage organism Bacillus subtilis (Bs) in its many genetically engineered forms is approved for the production of organic crops, and they spray the hell out of them with Bs.  Given that the endotoxins of bacteria are mostly Self-Assembling Molecules (think: Morgellons) and that SPRAYING Bt on organic crops PREDATED the INSERTION of the toxic protein INTO conventional crops, then we can see that the engineered consent of being poisoned became the Sumerian Funnel/Binary False Choice of:  Do you want Bt ON your food or IN your food?

It's your choice.

So, we move on to Bs in the 1990s.  Another bacterial endotoxin and most likely the next stage of a Binary Weapon to grow transgenic modifications in our bodies below the threshold of our perception and obviously without our informed consent.  After, all, if you didn't know about Bs before reading this page then you are decades behind an 8-ball with a sizzling fuse.  In case you are not inclined to spend your free time away from sports, beer, and copulation you might not be aware that the Bacillus tribe of organisms is the same spore-forming clan that contains Anthrax.  So, you tell me what the difference is between one toxin used by 'radicals' who probably got their starter kit from the Type Culture lab in Virginia, and the other toxins used to grow your corn flakes?

I said that I would probably not write another book at the end of Assaulted.  Mass Medication by a Halogen You Never Suspected.  But, it looks like there is a need for an owner's manual on the Hu-man body because the population at large has had several thousand years to get it right, but if the information found on my website and books is the first time that you have ever heard of such outrages then we are living on a planet of parasite retards that would never get it right no matter how many typewriters, how many monkeys and how many millions of years you let them go at it.  So, stay tuned for my next book:
Eve's ILL where I cover this and a host of other insane topics just to allow the 7000 of us that still have a brain and a bit of initiative left to do something about living on Demon Planet.

1,2,3, DEAD!