Historical Blindness

One of the main questions that I am always asked is: How can They do that to Their own people?

The answer is obvious:

We ain't Their People.

If we take just the account of Josephus, the Sons of Noea came down from the mountains after the cataclysm to rape, pillage, plunder and murder everything in their path.  Planetary Military Occupation.  He gives accounts of these clans 'subjugating' other nations.  What can be inferred from this is that the Flood or whatever happened didn't wipe out all of the Hobbits.  So, unless they were subjugating their own people (and I wouldn't put it past them) then the Us vs. Them dialectic is clear that there were Occupiers and Occupied.

So, when folks say: How can They chemtrail us when they live here too?  How can They pollute the water when they live here too?  How can They do all these things to Us when They have to live here too?  We begin with the segregation that:

They Ain't Us.

Next we have to extrapolate that They might actually find chemtrails to be sweet fresh air, and polluted water to be mother's milk and toxins including plutonium radioactive waste to be food. 

There is a horrific movie that I can't even remember the name of where a demon would slaughter humans and then wear their skin as a disguise.

Demons in skins.

THEY ain't us so They don't give a damn about us and Their requirements may be completely different than ours because it is clear to any casual observer that this world is being terraformed into an ecosystem that is closer to the post-Hadean Bombardment era than what we have come to expect that Life is or requires.  Even if They were as fragile as we are and Their husks were susceptible to the same poisons and assaults that They subject us to then it is quite possible that simple substances gotten at the grocery store or hardware store might protect or heal them from the damages done.  It is just that we are not privy to these molecular switches that can shut down or heal the damage that we all suffer.  I am not advocating these substances but it could be as simple as turpentine for candida or tapeworms.  But WHICH turpentine?  Distillates are classified by their fractionation temperature.  There is turpentine for cleaning your paint brushes, Pure Gum Spirits that may or may not be safe, and high quality distillates that are essentially essential oil of Pine!  Which one you choose out of thought or ignorance could be the difference between health or permanently damaged kidneys.

Like I said: we don't know their secrets.  You just can't follow a single guru spouting an unsubstantiated narrative just because it tugged your heart-strings.  We are in the middle of a biological and tactical and psychological warfare operation and dumbshits end up dead.

So, that's Them.
What about Us?

So many altruists out there want to win Hearts & Minds of their Fellow Men.

In my many writings I make it clear that if the Archonic Virus has taken hold of the Hobbits then they are NOT MEN.  They may look like men but they are taken over by a parasitic entity.  Studying Zombie Parasites you quickly learn that the invader takes over the entire body and central nervous system of the host.  YOU CAN'T WIN THE HEARTS & MINDS OF SOMETHING THAT HAS NEITHER A HEART NOR A MIND!


If you don't get that --- nothing can help you.

So, there are holdouts who believe that not every human being is a total loss.  They feel for friends and family that they want to see rooted in Reality but those folks are either blithely disinterested or violently opposed to The Truth.


is a question that I field almost every day.  After prolonged and careful thought I am convinced that the populous at large can see EVERYTHING that we see.  Just like the stages of grief that begin with denial there is the perfect description of the visor of the helmet in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that would go completely blank if the wearer was in mortal danger, because...you're not gonna want to see what's coming.


If that is true then they are living in denial.  In fantasy.  In delusion.  Delusion is defined as a firm, fixed belief.  That explains religion.  I liken it to Santa Claus Trauma where every little kid was abused with the belief in Santa.  At some point the child was confronted with the fact that it was a total lie, fantasy, cruel joke.  But everyone was in on it: parents, sibling, relatives, friends, neighbors, the guy at the newspaper stand, and the butcher in the grocery store.  At that point in the young life they have to make a decision.  Some of us abhorred being lied to and vowed that we would never be lied to again nor tolerate the perpetuation of any lie by ourselves or others.  The rest threw in with the sophomoric game of abusing the underclassmen and engaged willingly and with enthusiasm in PROMOTING THE LIE.  Why not?  It was industrialized!  It was established.  EVERYONE WAS DOING IT.  I was often asked as a child, "If EVERYONE was jumping off a bridge would YOU do it?"  It seems everyone IS jumping off a bridge committing mental and physical suicide every day.

But that's Santa Claus and everyone KNOWS he ain't real...
It's real if you make it so.  It is real enough to net billions of dollars during the holidays.  How much of those billions have made the world a better or safer place?  The words of Arthur Christian haunt us again, that all supposed forces for Good have had thousands of years but accomplished NOTHING!  http://loveforlife.com.au/
So, when we look at the Archonic carnage around us and find that at the very least North Americans move hypnotically unperturbed by what could easily be written in any of the Circles of Dante's Hell, there is no wonder why they are unreactive to it.  THEY CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT.

IT IS NOT THAT THEY CAN'T SEE IT.  THEY CHOOSE NOT TO SEE IT BECAUSE THEY ARE REWARDED FOR PLAYING THE GAME.  PLAYING THEIR ROLE.  If they merely enter stage Left, toe the mark, and say their lines they get the banana chip and can run freely around the cage.  People who tell the truth and claw at reality like it is the single thorn-studded fern anchored to the rock wall as we fall down the cliff are marginalized, disenfranchised, doomed to poverty.

The Hive will not support that which will not support it.

The Hive often kills that which opposes it.  THEY SHOOT PRESIDENTS WITH THE CAMERAS ROLLING!

The chilling scene in Invasion of the Body Snatchers where the alien replicants sense someone who is not them, point and scream is documentary not fiction.

This is why you can't win the Hearts & Minds of your fellows.  This is why they can't see.  They KNOW intrinsically that if they fight the Hive they have picked the biggest battle that has ever existed in this solar system.  They lack morality, ethics, and courage.  They are cowards who think that if they keep their heads low, don't make eye contact, do what they are told that all will be well.  And it will.  Some herd animals have an uneventful life right up to the time they are bludgeoned and have their neck slit.