I fully endorse this book.

 I suspect that the current 'cultured food' movement is an organized psychological warfare operation to get people used to global catastrophe, austerity and eating out of the dumpsters of the Rich.  The movement has the blessing of govern mente that promotes its recognized 'authorities' (that should scare you already) who tell you to rot food in the open and scrape the mold and maggots off.
This includes the ravings of the leaders and acolytes of a cult of a dead dentist.  Don't worry about the slime...it will be OK...go ahead and eat das Rotten Kraut...never mind about the biogenic amines that can cause permanent damage...

I have already established that the FDA and USDA are developers and facilitators of the Military biological weapons projects.  As pretenders of public safety, these agencies are part of the Psychological Warfare Operations to insure that the apes are pacified with:  Don't worry ---- everything is going to be alright...whether it be blatantly ignoring lethal pharmaceuticals, promoting lethal vaccinations or fostering the conversion of Hu-manity from consumers of Doof to Mad Max dumpster-divers.

Charlatans and a host of other circus clowns promote ROTTING food in Mason Jars, open crocks and godnose whatelse.  WHY?  What is really brewing below the surface is a sardonic joke.  What people call The Elite (EL Atys = Princes of EL) eat steak and live in palaces while they defraud entire countries and institute 'austerity measures', create economic failure, economic (and psychological) depressions.  Crickets and other insects are sold at grocery stores to get people conditioned to the idea like crackpot Preppers that when things get bad you have to be able to eat anything.  In the world of home food fermentation the equivalent of AEROBICALLY rotting food on your counter is no different than becoming a bum eating garbage behind a fast food restaurant.

Think about this:  If you went to a grocery store and saw a glass jar with a popped safety seal on top you would pass it up for one that was properly sealed.  You would not buy the steel can that had black ooze caked around the seams, with bloated caps.  You might even report those dangerous substances to the manager.  But people all day long are POISONING THEMSELVES with home ferments made on the 'authority' of clinically insane promoters of filth.  There is good reason for this.

They call the microbiome of the gut the Second Brain.  DARPA is engineering bugs that can direct human behavior.  Those little darlings are making their way into your probiotics.  If you were willing to pollute your gut with horrific pathogens based on the disinformation that these methods and products would provide health, then, if you lived, those pathogens would take over and tell you how to generate more of them so that you could sustain those lifeforms in your gut.  Just like the infected in the movie The Puppetmasters you would then try to inflict those same pathogens on others around you by teaching them the same practices. 

If you think this is insane – it is. 
Followers of these urban legends have willingly turned themselves into a Typhoid Marys of infectious pathogens that they will be spreading to their fellow man, their fellow woman, their fellow pets and the biosphere.  NONE of this is rooted in industrial anaerobic fermentation practices let alone the ancient historical practices that sustained cultures.  Those ancient societies have been systematically and purposely genocided.   Genocided because they possessed knowledge such as the proper fermentation of food, because the Planetary Military from the days of Deuteronomy 20: 10-15 through the Conquistadors to now have had only harming, maiming, and killing on the agenda.  Erasure of anything that could keep the slaves physically and mentally healthy, thus able to resist and fight.

Why are some people addicted to Mason Jar rots?  I say rots because it is NOT fermentation, it is decomposition.  It is because among the other toxic bioamines formed in the jars is Histamine.  To give away a very large portion of five of my books:  80% of the world's population are low histamine dolts.  Have ever wondered why The Sheep act the way that they do?  It is low histamine among other things that contributes much to their capacity to be slaves.  You have to be a mind-dead zombie to not notice that the world has been nearly fully converted to mind-dead zombies.  Therefore, if the zombies are being exposed to toxic levels of histamine, they might get a little boost from their Mason Jar rots.  This doesn't make it good.  This doesn't make it right.  It just gives you what is the gold standard in science: Mechanism of Action.

What is the solution?

Historically sound and clinically demonstrated ANAEROBIC fermentation in laboratory grade vessels.

Mason Jar Maniacs and Crockheads literally rotting food in open-air containers are working to an agenda that is so broad in scope you must admit to yourselves and the world that you are out of your league regarding the scale and scope of the deception.

Unless you are fermenting in laboratory-grade anaerobic conditions, there is the potential of harm, death and transmission of such.  It is clinically demonstrated that Crazy, like Cancer, is contagious.  The urban legends of food fermentation at home is simply an extension of infectious Crazy.

I am not affiliated with, receive no considerations from, have no ties or obligations to any industry or product.  Therefore, when I am bold enough to go against rampant, insane urban legends regarding home fermentation of food it is from pursuit of the Truth and spoken of from years of personal experience. 

There are 1350 biowarfare labs in just North America.
*  Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth
*  Irritable Bowel Syndrome* 
*  Crohn's, Clostridia
*  Gluten allergy = Allergic gastroenteropathy
*  amoeba
*  biliary tract disease
*  carcinoid syndrome
*  campylobacter enteritis
*  diverticulitis
*  duodenal ulcer
*  giardia
*  granulomatous colitis
*  hyperparathyoid
*  hyperthyroid
*  hypothyroid
*  lactose intolerance
*  laxative abuse
*  nontropical sprue
*  ovarian cysts
*  polyps and cancer
*  ischemic enteropathy
*  thyroid medullary carcinoma
*  tropical sprue
*  ulcerative colitis
*  uterine fibroids
* Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (peptic ulceration with pancreas involvement)

are not isolated manifestations of discrete diseases but part of the continuum of the United States Corporation, et. al. ongoing assault of the population of the globe.  I say: et. al. because the Russian scientist that invented Legionella was later hired by the Type Culture Lab in Reston Virginia.  This means that he is an assassin and the U.S. govern mente are at least accessories if not the authors of harm and murder of inhabitants of North America.  But all of this was 'declared' 'legal' by USC Title 50.

The CDC is run by a Surgeon GENERAL.  It is military.  The hospital system was set up by French military, hence the origination of Doctor's ORDERS.  The U.S. corporation health system was formed by The Marines.  It is all military.  You are all considered the Enemy.  Therefore whatever they do to you via their ongoing Operation Paperclip experiments has you as expendable labrats with the benefit of electronic medical records to track their progress.


Due to occultation, propaganda, lies and hysterical blindness No One, at least in North America, acknowledges the fact that they are living in Occupied Territory and are being assaulted by a hostile military force every single day with escalation.  So, a new supplement hits the market and the entire bulk of health-conscious consumers flash like a school of fish in that direction never once acknowledging the fact that Adventis broke the MTHFR gene on purpose with a specific lot and serial number of smallpox vaccines.  Because plausible deniability needs to be maintained regardless of criminal amnesty militarily enforced by the US corporate mercenaries, Merck holds the patent on a fancy methylfolate that palliates the genetic damage leading to illness and death.  Supplements never correct the genetic damage.  They just take the edge off.  When a new health fad like food fermentation (as old as humanity itself – so how can it be new and why did it become a fad?) hits the 'market' then the school of sheepfish flash in that direction as well, never once knowing the origin of the original, the origin of the substitute for the original, and most of all NEVER EVEN INVESTIGATING THE BASIC BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY OF THE PROCESS.

What we are facing are military grade laboratory created biofilms that can get upgrades faster than your I-pad Apps, so whether you restrict feeding the bugs one week with a specific doof by a fad diet like SCD, GAPS or Paleo, by the next week there will be a mutant that will eat that new thing that you have been eating exclusively.  You can never catch up to their technology.  You can never win a war of attrition.  You CAN stop helping the Enemy by creating your own biological warfare agents for them in open jars on your countertop.

I have been practicing food fermentation for over 2 years now with a 75% success rate.  The reason for the failures is that Monsanto and all of the other chemical warfare agent suppliers have so modified the biosphere that they have created superpathogens.  Because a proper fermentation of food starts with the food itself NOT DIRT and NOT CULTURES (starter cultures are for dead substances) if the biosphere has been fundamentally altered, thus shifted to pathogens then you are at risk of the pathogens asserting themselves over the useful Lactic Acid Bacteria.

LACTO Fermentation has nothing to do with MILK!

As if Crohn's from mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis contaminating the milk supply of North America was not bad enough, the insane legend that ALL ferments must be started with such a polluted weapon is complete kacking madness.


"Lacto fermentation" is co-opted language for controlled opposition against reason and science.  Subtle PsyOps Neural Linguistic hypnosis for causing the receiver to ASSUME they know what the hell they are talking about.

ANY of the big named freaks out there telling you to put WHEY in any culture you are trying to make are clinically and criminally insane.  Whey is the most polluted substance on the planet.  It is not food.  It is not even doof.  Personally, I do not think that mankind should consume dairy in any form.  That is not a debate for this arena.  Regardless of that position I have already given you the secret of autofermentation.  To alter that by inducing milk fermentation where it does not belong is madness.  Lactobacilli have been implicated in creating BIOFILM in the gut, thus a major player in SIBO.  Hulda Clark says that Lactobacilli are DNA donors to cancer tumor formation!  Milk-cultured products like yoghurt and probiotics (a billion dollar industry) with 50% of the market dominated by munitions manufacturer DuPont could be the very things that started the SIBO plague!  Now you know why I am not allowed even on alternative media.  There is too much money to be made on you authoring your own demise.

Lactic Acid Bacteria are diverse.  They metabolize sugars leaving non-reducible sugars and Lactic Acid in the ferment thus the LAB designation that has nothing to do with Lactobacilli or Lactose/milk sugar.  Even the milk bacteria Bifidobacterium is not considered a Lactic Acid bacteria so those who promote these GMO culture strains are lying to you. 


Like I said, I am not a darling or guru of alternative media.  I'm not pulling in a million dollars a month with flashy websites and supplement sales.  Where do you think they get all of the organisms that they put into your probiotic bottle?  Organisms that were selectively created and fed industrial nutrients are grown in three-story tall stainless steel fermenter vats.  Ever wonder why a famous 'alternative medicine doctor' could spend a million dollars of his own money and then beg more from you and still lose the battle to label GMOs?

GMOs are in an on everything!  Including 'organic' health products.  This is why they can never be labeled because the list of things that weren't GMO would read like this:
1) ......?

Can you see?  Your are a rat in a maze being fed cheese that is poison and the only goal of the game is to see how long you will last before you drop.

If you go to fools and madmen for information then foolish madness is what you will get.

I expect that neither I, this webpage, or Kim Chi's book will become popular or accepted.  This world is run by microbes that run Hu-man beings like Thumb Puppets that will KILL anything that gets in their way.  There is only one response to that kind of aggression.  Now you know the key.

Food Fermentation