HOAXXXED: The Undeniable REALITY of Vaccines

​HOAXXXED: The Undeniable REALITY of Vaccines


Dead Edgar


WHY?  Edward Jenner's Traumatic Mind Control Abuse


WHY? 2   Jennerational Abuse


HOAXXED #5, Jenner's Sons


What you don't know about Edward Jenner's vaccination can kill you.

These are the accurate facts as dug up archeologically by Edgar March Crookshank and reported in History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 without lies, distortions or omissions that are found in all of the medical books on vaccines.  The reason that the legal system has an oath for The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth is because if you were asked: Are vaccines safe? and you replied: Yes, then that would fall under the rule of a partial truth as in the case of James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health, "The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used."  That's a pretty damning phrase from someone so high up.  Is he still alive or did he have an 'accident' after that revelation?

Nothing But The Truth would then follow: vaccines are not even safe to make since they are manufactured in BioSaftey Level 3 (maybe even 4) conditions, the glass vial might break, and anyone exposed to such a biological warfare agent even from the victim shedding is subject to disease or death.

See?  The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.

So, there really aren't apologists for a superstition that doesn't work, they are really military psychological warfare agents promoting an agenda of suicide by the victims consenting to be shot with a weapon.  Great gig if you can get it.  Billions of dollars in it.  But that was never the goal.  They can print money at will.  It is just a point-accrual system for the game of how many Herd Animals you can cull.

So, let's get to this:

Edward Jenner in ~1790 had a bright idea that Smallpox in humans arose from a disease called The Grease (not to be confused with the Olivia Newton-John movie) on horses' heels.  He embellished this fancy with the notion that farmhands working on the horses without washing their hands would then milk the cows thus transmitting this Smallpox precursor to cattle as Cow Pox and thus, if one was to get Cow Pox as it was contracted from animals or ingrafted by humans it supposedly would protect you from Small Pox that is a HU-MAN ONLY DISEASE.  Keep that in mind.  We will see in Volume 2 that
Robert Ceely in his zeal tried to FORCE SMALL POX INTO COWS BUT IT WOULDN'T TAKE BECAUSE JENNER WAS WRONG.  Ceely ended up suck seeding, but that is a testament to genetic mutation not Nature.

Armed with this brilliant superstition made up of whole cloth (hole cloth?) Fast Eddy then did what Ferdinand Waldo Demara, the Great Imposter, did: filled a power vacuum with a word and practice that he pulled out of his ass: Variolae Vaccinae. 

Variola was Small Pox.  They had been catching and releasing this plague on people since...well...1600 B.C. when the FOUNDER OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE VARIOLATED HIS FELLOW HINDIS.  By 700 A.D. the Taoists were huffing Small Pox scabs to try to catch it before they caught it.  How any of this makes sense is...well...it doesn't make sense.

Any whey...

Small Pox was called that because it had to be distinguished from the Great Pox (aka The French Pox) that we know as Syphilis.  No, that isn't a girl's name.  It is the sexually transmitted disease endemic to sheep (makes you wonder how the first man got Syphilis ---- doesn't it?) and other herd animals.  Telling the two apart was hard back then because they didn't have modern laboratories and the only difference was that the sores were different sizes.  Charles Creighton a contemporary of Edgar Crookshank said that what was being called Cow Pox was really the genital scrapings of Syphilis from animals that was then grafted into Hu-Mans.

So much background just to get to what Fast Eddy did with these CLINICALLY UNDETERMINABLE PUS SCRAPINGS!


Stanford, in their modern pinnacle of medical power, set out to figure out just what Jenner's invented Variolae Vaccinae might be.  When they sequenced the genes they found that it was NOT Cow Pox and NOT Small Pox.  It was a hybrid.  And why wouldn't it be?  These crazy motherfuckers were taking UNKNOWN pus from animals (cattle plague {mycoplasma}, horses, swine, sheep, goats, and Hu-mans then cutting it into humans then harvesting that now genetically re-arranged microbe (whateverthehell it might be since Small Pox and Cow Pox are viruses and Syphilis is a bacterium) and poking it into the next victims down the line.

Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge:
"What do you think of this operation, Gunny?"

Where was I?

More to the point: where was Jenner?

The Apocrypha was that he heard the story of the milkmaids that got the supposed Cow Pox (we'll get to that in a minute, or thirty...) that were then immune to Small Pox.  So, (and this is the shit that none of the medical texts report in their book of Lies) he did what any sane man in his position would do:



You heard me.

Why wouldn't I use foul language even just quoting Clint Eastwood?

Jenner's theory was that Small Pox in Hu-Mans arose from THE GREASE IN HORSES, then worked its way up through cows as Cow Pox before it finally matured into a condition that only had about a 30% kill rate.  [You will have to get my Crookshank, Vol. 1 with notes  (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) to understand what a scam the DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF SMALL POX WERE!] so, compared to Ebola (where the hell did that go to after the fear porn of the plandemic didn't materialize?) it was really small potatoe pox.

Are you keeping up with me?  I know that it is like having stuff piled onto you like Bag Lady in the movie Labyrinth, and it is really hard to unravel such a schizophrenic criminal enterprise, but I am doing the best I can.

So, Fast Eddy heard about the protective powers of cowpox coming (he said) from a disease that arose in horses then took SWINEPOX to inoculate his baby.

Yeah.  That's what I thought I said.

How is this science?

How is this an inquiry?  [the title of his paper on the topic]

What do you think of this operation, Gunny?

Of course the kid got sick as a dog (was there a dog pox?) thus becoming the first autism victim from vaccination.

Butt, it really wasn't VACC sin nation, was it?  Vacca means: cow.  It was the essence of Jenner's word invention.  Variolae Vaccinae was the Small Pox of the Cow.  But he said it  came from horses and he used a pig.

Was this in Offit, Plotkin, and Orenstein?

Well, that was such a suck cess that he went on to try again.

Is that science?  Accuracy in reporting?

James Phipps in 1796 was given cowpox and lived.

Hurray!  Proof!

Where's the follow up?  The generational studies?  Where is the clinical evidence that he was even given Cow Pox?  For, ewe sea: you will have to read Crookshank, Vol. 1 with my notes to find out that there was a wholehelluvalotta other things that they could have been scratching into people other than just Creighton's syphilis back then...

Remember: I demand it of you:  They had NO IDEA what was in the pus!  IT WAS JUST PUS!  Sure they could assume that they had the Small instead of the Great Pox, but back then they had a hard time telling poxes from Measles (and a wholehelluvalotta other stuff if you read my notes). 

In 1796, an opportunity occurred for an experiment of a different kind. Cow Pox occurred at a farm near Berkeley, in May, and a dairymaid, Sarah Nelmes, caught the disease. On May 14th, matter was taken from a sore on her hand and inserted by means of two superficial incisions (as in the method of performing Small Pox inoculation) into the arm of James Phipps, a healthy boy about eight years old. The inoculation succeeded, the result being described as much the same as after inoculation in the same way with variolous matter, except that the usual efflorescence had more "of an erysipelatous look."  The whole died away, leaving "scabs and subsequent eschars."  Jenner was so impatient to try the effect of variolous inoculation, that on July 1st, only six weeks after the insertion of the Cow Pox matter, variolous lymph was applied, by means of punctures and slight incisions. Jenner communicated his experiments on Phipps to his friend Gardner.

What do you think of this operation, Gunny?

Lettuce examine just the clinical aspects of this 'experiment'.  Six years after his ABJECT FAILURE with his son who according to Baron, Jenner's biographer, the kid was 'never right' afterwards...Fast Eddy decides to try again.  This time with...

...well...certainly NOT swine pox because that was a total clusterfuck...
...NOT HORSE GREASE the very heart of his theory...(???)
...and...if you actually READ the bit above without inferring like Messrs. Asshole, Asshole and Asshole totally lie about: HE DIDN'T EVEN USE COW POX. 

Ewe Sea: in SCIENCE (the real thing not the whore that it has been pandered off to be) IF you were going to use COW POX, then you would use it from a FUCKING COW, now...WOULDN'T YOU?

Not some pus from the hand of a handmaiden who SUPPOSEDLY got it from a cow that supposedly got it from a horse that lived in the house that Eddy built.

But see, that is why it is a superstition at best, but a biological warfare operation at worst.  There is no science here.  There is no rigor, there is no proof, there is only M.D.s (Medical Devils) who promote an official ancient lie pretending to cover up those Original Sins with even more lies to give the illusion that the practice was anything other than practicing the Dark Arts.

In 1790, Cow Pox broke out in a dairy near Berkeley, and Jenner took the opportunity to inoculate Phipps.  Then his inquiries were stopped until 1798, when horse grease broke out at a neighbouring farm, and John Baker was inoculated and died. William Summers, inoculated with horse grease passed through the cow, survived, and the virus was carried on from arm to arm through several patients.  The cases are carelessly jumbled together; important details are often missing; dates are omitted; facts unfavourable to the project are suppressed; and excuses for failures are ingeniously incorporated. All that the Inquiry contained  was known to dairymaids and farriers, with the exception of the doctrine of spurious Cow Pox, and certain speculative comments. All that was added experimentally, to what had been previously practised, was the inoculation of Horse Pox from arm to arm, in imitation of arm to arm variolation. Up to the year 1796, Jenner had simply collected notes of a few cases of milkers and others, who had had either Horse Pox or Cow Pox, and had resisted inoculation with Small Pox, and Fosbrooke tells us that up to this date he was not burdened with work. In the same year, he made ONE EXPERIMENT of inoculation on the human subject, and hurriedly wrote a paper which was rejected by the Royal Society. Two years later, he carried on a series of arm to arm inoculations, and then published the Inquiry on his own account.

NO SCIENTIST would accept this nonsense!

The entire basis of uniformed assassins killing people with biological weapons were based on ONE EXPERIMENT????

That was capitalized by Crookshank, not me.

Where is the clinical evidence Cow Pox as an organism was even used?  Where are the cohort studies?  Where are the Controls?  Where is the generational followup?  The freaks with licenses to kill who viciously attack those who say that vaccination is insane would REQUIRE such precision in any other realm from any other researcher, but when it comes to spreading the LIE of vaccines these requirements all of a sudden vanish like smoke.

The most significant thing that I will provide as a spoiler to History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 is that when Jenner FINALLY got around to 'proving' his 'theory' on the use of HORSE GREASE on John Baker, HE KILLED THE KID.

Vaccine Fraud is called that because there is no statute of limitations on Fraud or Murder.  Crookshank proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALL of Jenner's work was Fraud and now we have evidence that was COVERED UP BY JENNER AT THE INSISTENCE OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY WHO REJECTED HIS PAPER THAT MENTIONED THE DEATH OF JOHN BAKER AS ALL BEING COMPLICIT IN MURDER.

John Baker died for your sins.

Fast Eddy Jenner