The material assembled at the website below is the work of Dr. Jean Paul Vanoli representing 40 years of investigation.  There are translation programs that can bridge the language barrier but the PDF featured below was already in English.  Why this website is not highly publicized in the United States is a mystery to me.  His site gets 4 million hits per month.  A good month for me is about 400...(I didn't say: million)...well, perhaps I answered my own question then...

The alternative media is flooded with the singular admission of a whistleblower at the CDC that lab results were faked.  The alternative media is flooded with 124 papers on the connection of vaccination with autism.

Here Jean Paul assembled a 188 page document with nothing but references to articles DATING BACK TO 1926 WHEN ALUMINUM WAS FIRST USED AS AN ADJUVANT IN VACCINES to the present day with a bloom that was noticed in articles around 1999 the same year that Scientific American had an article called GENETIC VACCINES as noted in my book Timeline.

A bibliography like this should be viral and be noticed in the mainstream media.  It should be the talk of the blogosphere.  It should be promoted by everyone who otherwise would be pushing You Tubes of cats playing the piano.

What we are talking about here makes the recent UK expose on the MERE 30-year coverup of the vaccine hoax look like neighborhood kids playing in the sandbox.

We found this well-known Italian gold mine quite by La Accidenta.

Grannie Annie [a Little Red Hen] and I were vexed by a reference in the blog of the woman that said that histamine rises at night.  There was no reference to it.  Grannie and me are quite busy.  She takes quite a bit of time each morning to lace her army boots because there is quite a bit of ass-kicking to accomplish the rest of the day; whereas I am expected to clean and polish her boots after said expeditions.  So, it was several months before we decided to revisit the Rise of the Histamine.

Grannie said that she was thinking about subscribing to the blog (but she never did).  So, since I get the feed, I saw an article that I thought might of interest so I sent it in the off-chance that she didn't see it.  She read it and was searching terms that she was unfamiliar with in the article by putting them into Goog-EL.  The God of the A.I. came back at her with that fateful Japanese article where there are CLOCK GENE mutations that make fragile proteins in mast cells.  Like I said: I'm the boot licker.  I knew there was something big here just from the taste of it.

My email list and I are in the preliminaries of doing reconnaissance on this brand new topic.  There are so many directions it can go:
-Vibratory medicine.
-Vaccine mutation of genes making them susceptible to frequency.
-Cellular timing functions.
-Eternal Life.
Yeah.  Like I said: those boots were made for stompin'.

But it doesn't end there.  It never does.  You are now in the Jordan World of Continuum.  EVERYTHING is related to EVERYTHING ELSE.  So, while Grannie was kickin' butt and neglecting to take names, our girl Morning Lark [a Little Red Hen] was doing a casual search for mastocytosis and the effects on eyes, when she just happened to notice a title in Eye Tal Yun.  Good thing she is fluent in one-and-a-half languages or the biggest news feed of the decade, century or significant division of circadia might have been missed forever!

The result is that PDF.

The Vaccine Bible.

At best the translation is: Bibliography on Vaccine Damage.

It is not so much what we didn't know:  Me, the Hens, and those who have read my books.  We knew that vaccines caused just about every damned disease on the planet, but we didn't know that there were others who were tracking this stuff and making a compendium on it and that if you only axed the wright kweshuns and followed the wrong leads that you would get to universal truths that everyone else was missing because they are cock-eyed optimists with dyslexia and double-tunnel vision. 

So, read it and weep (unless you have mastocytosis of the eyes in which case your eyes will water on their own) and make your histograms.  Just like in the databases you should be able to get out your poster paper, plot a vaccine then draw a line to any of the diseases listed in the pdf and then start grouping families of diseases with causes.  Don't worry, I was so obsessed with Jean Paul's epic work that I have attached the three versions of my organization of the data so that you can see it at a glance. 

by Date, Disease, Death
by Disease

by Vaccine

Owing to the connections with Serum Sickness and my own work previously in ICD-999 and currently in my upcoming book on homeopathy we also fell into concurrent rip currents of: leprosy from vaccination; and Richet's history of anaphylaxis and other work that included a 'cure' for turberculosis as we chased the resources made available at MedNat.  Continuum dictates that it is all connected as I hope that we will stay connected with our friends across the world to put an end to this madness.

Vaccine Bible