An extremely talented woman found me and my work and as we got to know each other, the topic of her artistic skills arose.  She asked me if there was anything that I might like and I said that I really could use an upgrade of my Stickman Avatar with the epicness of a Frank Frazetta Death Dealer pile of bodies beneath me (him... it... Stick...).  What she came up with was beyond my greatest expectations.   Since this page is about Fran's work not the Stickman, you can find examples of Stickman and her other work all over my youtube channel:


What we would like to offer for free download are the full resolution images she created for what all of us Little Red Hens call:  The Work.  There is no way to monitor or control what happens on the Net so all we ask is that if you use these images for any purposes that you leave the attributions on the images.  Whether as screen savers or printing your own T-shirts or just sharing on social media, we hope that you can help to spread a message that quite frankly can be said in a Single Image that literally (for people who know me) would take me One Thousand Words.  She really is that good.  Fran and I have been brainstorming a series of images that will incorporate repeating characters such as Doctor Savage, and the VaccinKnight.

You can show Fran some appreciation in the comments of my videos, and we will soon set up a donation button for anyone who would like to support her past and future work.  What is presented here is grim.  Grim Reality.  But despite that and for lack of better terminology we hope that you 'enjoy' them.

48 hours after Well  Visit

Well  Visit

A Tour for the Moms

Doctor Savage.

Just a Little Prick

A Savage Quota Sacrifice