Internet gurus abound with up to millions of followers who are captivated by claims of everything from interdimensional beings, to space aliens, to reptilian humanoids, to angels NONE OF WHICH ARE PROVABLE.

Butt, then, I think that is the attraction.

For the undeveloped mind it is entertaining to argue about fictions primarily because the distraction allows both parties to ignore the Reality that is burning around them.  I would love to start a forum debating the color of Peter Pan's costume as to whether it was Kelly Green or Forest Green.  I am sure that there would be Peter Pan Historians, Experts, along with those who would claim to have known Peety-boy personally.  Lively arguments even bordering on the abusive might come out on the finer points of the Neverlandians.  But one fact remains:


I say that to make a point, yet it is not technically accurate.  Peter Pan as an Invention, a Fiction, a Distraction did indeed 'exist', was promulgated, promoted and pandered to a degree of money-making frenzy that would make any capitalist foam at the mouth sans rabies.  But Mr. Pan was imaginary.  Created out of whole cloth, whether that cloth was Kelly or Forest Green.  The odd and sad part of it was that this creation, invention, affliction due to belief, artifice, and a merchandising infrastructure unparalleled in this or parallel universes actually IMPACTED REALITY.  It had a tangible effect regardless of the fact that it was just an idea.

All beliefs are like that.  Whether it is belief in Gods & Demons, Good & Bad Aliens, or just the love of Altered States of Consciousness, those conditions then shape the BEHAVIOR of the holder of those beliefs who then shape the behavior of those around them like the ripples in a pond from a single raindrop or that of Sancho Panza and friends trying to keep Don Quixote from acting out his insanity.

All of this serves the dialectic set up to deceive, deflect and darken any notion of what Reality is so that when things are knowable, are provable, are self-evident it is THEY that are called into question because the hysterical belief in the unreal has so tainted logic and critical thinking as to have erased it from humanity.

So, I will briefly, gently and quietly introduce an idea and then walk away.  In the concept of V is for Vendetta where it is suggested that you cannot stop an idea whose time has arrived, we will simply pose it as a question; let it fester; let it demand an answer in the recesses of your mind, in the darkness of your night; so that you and ONLY you are responsible for a response.  So that you can lay the foundations of Your Reality with no outside influence or intrusion from fantasy.


As established in Feeling Giddy? Malaria is the number one killer in the world.  We are forced to consider the role then, of the DRIVE for a female mosquito to feed mammal protein to its gestating young so that they can grow to create more killers to bite the hand that fed it.  Why? Why this parasitic relationship where the haunted, hunted prey of the mammal becomes the very pathway for the propagation of the monsters that will make its life a living Hell before they kill it?  Male mosquitoes drink nectar.  Female mosquitoes drink blood.  The definition of a vampyre is a creature that drinks blood.

We see from the link above --- clinical science, not speculation of lizardmen with no proof whatsoever --- that if a gene is shut off then those same female mosquitoes that have literally drown full grown moose in Alaska as the mammals attempt to avoid the hordes numbering in the billions by submerging themselves in lakes; that have killed more humans than wars; WILL DRINK ORANGE JUICE BECAUSE THEY CAN NO LONGER DIGEST BLOOD.

From whence cometh the gene to drink and then digest blood?
Was it Natural and Normal to the mosquito?
Was it Natural and Normal to the man who will eat just about every damned animal on the planet including its own species? (Kuru isn't just for breakfast...)
Or, Did it come from somewhere else?

If the bloodmeal cannot be digested it would go bad in the gut of the mosquito or human and would make them sick in the very least.  Without the gene there is no desire to seek out the sacrifice.  Without the gene a neutral and seemingly benevolent substitute is not only sought out but employed.  Good for all parties involved unless you are a parent Orange trying to keep your babies from being drained into frozen concentrate.

All the while the Jordan definition of Evil must be kept in mind: Evil is that which opposes me.

Mosquitoes drinking my blood is Evil.
Malaria hurting or killing me is Evil.
Biting a cow's ass as it runs away bleeding in the pasture is Evil.
(It's really hard to eat a cow as chow unless you have first slaughtered it as a sacrifice to your Bull God, gutted it, aged it so that a nice coating of mold grows on it, then grind it to acceptable portions for BBQ in imitation of the holocaust that were the burnt sacrifices that still go on today they just happen to happen outside of temple settings).

Oh...here we go with the knee-jerk reactionaries that say: I can't live without My Meat!

Really?  Did you raise the animal? slaughter it? butcher it? cook it?  If not, then it wasn't YOUR meat it was the industrialization of temple ritual slaughter that has been packaged for you as a Kept Animal to consume just like the modern factory farm animals are fed manure and dead animal parts despite them being strict grazers in 'nature'.

But what if?

What if your blood digestion gene was turned off?  What if you COULDN'T eat YOUR meat?  What would you do instead?  Would you live on the flesh and lifeblood of citrus fruit whose name has no rhyming structure in the english language?  Would you crawl into a corner and die having been denied what you take to be your birthright (hickory smoked and coated in tomato and hot pepper sauce)?

Where did the gene come from?
because wherever it is found --- death follows.

What would you do if it was gone?

So, we see that by definition: vampyres are real.  There are creatures that live on the blood of others.  By definition this is Evil.    By definition, this condition is modifiable.  By definition we can exert control over our universe.

The terror of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was that once you KNEW what the difference was, then you would have to DO something about it.

Now you know.

Welcome to the Terror.