You will have to consult either History and Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 or The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Plantae for what I suspect Ebola to be.  Obviously it is a bioweapon.  Obviously it has been released on purpose by USAMRIID.  Obviously they have been working on making it a communicable disease via bats in the same way that the Navy was studying making Rabies an airborne plague.  Obviously all of those involved are Demons, possessed by the same Viral Demons that control them.

Lettuce examine:
As you all know I despise religion.  But this is one arena where science and occulted mythos cross over.  The legend of Possession is that an UNCLEAN spirit gains entrance to the body via an opening (portal).  This can be eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genitals, anus, or --- by something like a needle that punches a hole in the flesh before the substance in the syringe is plunged.  Old myths of The Devil getting into someone in the form of a fly going up the nose or in the ear (Beelzebub = Lord of the Flies) could also be interpreted to be vectors of disease transmission.

So, what is the deal with Ebola?  It was said to be lethal to at least 50% or more of those infected.  Marburg (another engineered bioweapon) was said to be up to 90% lethal.  But what does that mean?  It means that anywhere from 10 - 50% of the population of the world are TOLERANT of a Demon entering their body and taking up residence!!!!

The immune system should identify an invader, mount a response and kick its ass out of this plane of existence.  What has happened in these vaccine-modified times is that either the immune system simply does not work (see 1, 2, 3, DEAD) or it is simply fine with the idea that something that does not belong in this dimension, that is lethal to our form of life, can live in balance as a time-share within the condominium that is our bodies.

This should be cause for concern.  NOT the fact that the disease can kill.  Dying from Ebola would indicate that the person has not been so modified that their body can achieve d├ętente with The Enemy.  Dying from Ebola would indicate that there was still the remnants of Hu-Manity left in the victim.  If we get Ebola and do not die then we have been chimerized with The Beast.

Ebola may not even be Ebola.

How is this for paradox/cognitive dissonance/mindwhack?

The people who were declared 'sick' and might have even died were pronounced infected by Ebola by the govern mente.  Govern means To Steer.  Mente means The Mind.  Mind Control.  So Mind Control Agents told us that someone has something that none of us has seen, nor done the clinical testing ourselves, yet that elusive thing might 'get' us.  The next shoe to drop will be that they will declare that they can 'protect' us from it.

Why is their answer always a vaccine?  They cause Parkinson's and Alzheimer's with vaccines and then race to create another vaccine that is supposed to take the edge off of what they had already created.  Do you see the pattern?  Autism for kids.  Meningitis for College Students.  Alzheimer's for Old Folks.  Full Spectrum Warfare.

There are a lot more hemorrhagic diseases including Hanta, etc. that are out there ravaging the world.  If these other bleeding-out-the-orifices diseases are killing more people than the engineered-purposely-released bioweapon, then why is no one is talking about them?  Given that Ebola is a patented bioweapon, then the entire pageant surrounding it (IF IT ACTUALLY EXISTS --- WE HAVEN'T ESTABLISHED IT IN REALITY) is from them tracking their Pet.

"Running from the SOUND of Fear they fall in the Pit.  Rising from the Pit they get caught in the Snare."
That is one of my favorite Bible verses despite the fact that I despise the Bible.  It is a good lesson.  Running (like the coward preppers) AWAY from something will get you in trouble.  The United States Marines claim to be the only people that actually run TOWARDS the sound of gunfire.  These are soldier.  Sol Diers.  They die for the Sun Cult.  They are mercenaries.  They get paid to wage war on whom they are told.  A Warrior defends themselves and their families from ALL enemies.  Sun Tzu recognized the value of a strategic retreat to regroup and the press the attack only after years of killing his own men from turning and running from battle.  We live in an age where total insanos pollute the entire biosphere with viruses or the Fear of them, yet the only reaction from their victims is to piss their pants and run away.

Ebola is about as popular and believable as Swine Flu followed by Bird Flu Plandemics.  The average Slave Work Unit's adrenal glands are so depleted that they cannot react to the Fear Porn as they did in the past.  This is why the Fear of Marburg has already been seeded into the predictive programming datastream.  The polluters will have to bring out bigger and worse threats to top the last one, but I don't see much else in their arsenal past Marburg except a Blue Beam of whatever movie they think that the Slaves will lap up.

There is evidence from 1937 that Vitamin C can disable some dread viruses.  This actually supports what is often dismissed as unsubstantiated reports that circulate the Internet like plastic rubbish in the Great Atlantic Gyre.

What will I do regarding the Ebola Plandemic?

Same thing that I always do:  Prey for Comets.