Content License

The content of all of my writing is evidence of a Planetary Military Occupation committing crimes against the Biosphere.  Words were given to us by the Occupiers.  Dictionaries and the words in them are copyrighted by Them.  That means that to use Their words in any manner is already set up to be seen by Them as a trespass.  They taught us to read and write Their words.  To speak is to summon or evoke evil entities.  To write is to cast a Spell.  Spelling therefore, and especially CURSIVE writing indicates that we have been taught Their Dark Arts on how to manipulate the Natural Word via unnatural means.  No claims are made as to the ownership of the content of the material in my works.  Evil and criminal beings will steal part of or the entire content whether a claim was made or not.  The only reason for a copyright, ISBN number or any other sign or sigil to be attached to a written work is to obligate the person who was copied or plagiarized to pursue the one who took the work.  There are no guarantees or protections by any of the money-stealing schemes like copyright or registration other than causing the person suffering damages to pursue his or her rights.  If you are going to steal the sum total of my life’s work exposing that you are immersed in a lethal criminal plot thousands of years old, then you are going to do it and get away with it regardless of what I might do because the criminal cabal is on your side because you are all infected with the same virus.

A license cannot be granted on that which is not invented or owned.

Sensibility and righteous behavior would prevent copying in total my submissions of criminal evidence and would in the very least obligate any use of the material to include full acknowledgement of me as the collector of this criminal evidence of Fraud and Murder of which there is no statute of limitations in Their system.  These works are presented as a Friend of the Court (for lack of proper language) of the inhabitants of this planet.