It started out as a chapter....

are you getting the impression that a lot of my books start this way?

...in Hu-Man Beans, and it grew to other chapters spread through other books to the point where I figured that I ought to bring them together under one topic and expand on the investigation.

What investigation?

That, although I have seen miracles with the use of Arnica in acute trauma situations, that it never worked for me at any time in any form.  Homeopathy simply doesn't work in chronic diseases and you need not take it from me; it was the reason why Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann wrote a book called Nature of Chronic Diseases because he said himself that it didn't work.

Since I had been suggesting that folks see experienced, licensed homeopaths for their long term unresolvable health problems and those homeopaths failed utterly in even taking the edge off of any complaint acute or chronic, took large sums of money, blamed the patient for either not believing or having a bad attitude that prevented a 'cure'; I was confronted with the fact that these practitioners couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a GPS map.

What is left for a poor (literally) Farm Boy from the Grain Ghetto in ILL Annoyed to do?

That's right.

Study homeopathy from the words of the 'master' himself.  That's how I found out that even Hahnemann said that his little program didn't work.  Having a little experience in writing in Stream Of Consciousness style myself, I was well suited for deconstructing what can only be labeled as totally schizophrenic writing of a German as mad as a Hatter (sniffing too many mercury vapors making them pills in the back room) where point/counterpoint or premise/reversal were as common and numerous as a TV preacher's sermon.

That's what it had become.

A religion.

The practitioners would speak of the Founder in worshipful awe but then go off and make a denomination on their own with no regard for what Hahnemann said.  But there's the trick isn't it?  He said so many things with point/counterpoint or premise/reversal that you could literally pull things out of your ass and it would still fill the bill of homeopathy.

Already, the religiously (and monetarily) invested in this system will be incensed at the very notion that I would hold homeopathy to Scientific Rigor and will be ready with any apology for why their system doesn't work.  They have readymade excuses like any religious apologist for the flaws of their faith.  But I have seen things that defy explanation.  This means that if it works SOME of the time then unless these would-be acolytes have their heads so far up their asses that they see daylight then it SHOULD WORK ALL OF THE TIME.  That's why I went to the source.  Organon, fifth edition and Nature of Chronic Diseases.  Yes, I know there are more books he wrote but I am only one man with no spare cash or time.  Two books of unremitting schizophrenia with total lack of self-fact checking, as if Arthur Conan Doyle had penned yet another Sherlock Holmes where he didn't remember what he put in the last episode, was quite enough.

When I explained this project to one of my Little Red Hens, Ms. MaGoo, and told her that Hahnemann, contemporary of Edward Jenner, was a Freemason just like Jenner, she replied:  "That's all I needed to know."

So, my book soon to be released as a single volume with new insights and a recodification of Hahnemann and his follower's work, will keep in mind that either homeopathy was like a broken clock that was right twice a day, or nobody really understands it, or the tiny clues that make it work for the Adepts has been covered up because it was formulated by a member of the Mysteries Religion.

Either way, we will get to the bottom of it, prove my insights either right or wrong then either elevate homeopathy to a working system with no occultation or melt it down in the recycling furnace never to arise again to cause people loss.

Here is my test that I hold the entire world to:
A caterpillar creates a chrysalis.
Within TEN DAYS the creature LIQUEFIES,

Why are you not perfectly well?