I really don't have time for this.

I'm on dialup for gossakes.

I can't host a blog that nobody reads since my email list is sparse to begin with because I expect anybody in the presence of my genius to at least contribute data to saving their own asses and the whirled's.

I can't make award winning utube videos that probably have entrainment underneath the media and won't do jack shit for correcting the problem, just spreading more fear porn.

Inbetween trying to find the Survival Cassette of genes common to all viruses so that we can wipe out the Archonic Invasion, I will, from time to time post random ravings on topics that particularly put the heat to my posterior.


Given the DARPA finally announced that it thinks CRISPR is a threat to "National Security" it is clear that my work and focus of REMOVING THE ARCHONIC VIRUS FROM EXISTENCE has merit because they otherwise wouldn't be shitting their pants over the removal of retroviruses and junk that, if we believe the current shit of the bull, makes up damned near 98% of the Hu-Man genome.

So, either they are lying to us, or they are simply sequencing themselves or converted humans as a feat complete, that we can survive with only 2% of what make us living beings before the total conversion is complete and Hell Planet is populated only by 100% Demons.

Good for them.  Evil destroys everything in its path, so like crocodiles eating each other when the water gets low in the billabong they will ultimately destroy themselves. 

I just want to speed up the process.

​Random Ravings