Dante used the word: Malebolge or Evil Pockets to describe the ten chasms within the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Eighth Circle  was punishment for Fraud (isn't that interesting?)

1st Malebolge – Panderers & Seducers (Rapists & Whores/Pimps) – Walking in opposite directions.
2nd Malebolge – Flatters/Walking in and Vomiting Excrement
3rd Malebolge – Simonists/Heads in Holes, Flames on Feet
4th Malebolge – Sorcerers & Diviners/Heads Twisted Backwards
Demons on patrol with Pitchforks, Blades and Talons
5th Malebolge – Barrators & Peculators/Boiling Pitch – traffic public offices.
Broken Bridge, Slide Down.
6th Malebolge – Hypocrites/Lead Copes
7th Malebolge – Thieves/Snakes
8th Malebolge – Evil Counselors/Flames
9th Malebolge – Schismatics/Cutting Wounds
10th Malebolge – Falsifiers & Counterfeiters/Disease

There was a time when I was going to write a book on the For Profit Dialysis criminal cartel in America.  I was going to call it: Malebolge.  Having read Dante's Divine Comedy decades earlier the picture of the damned in that tenth chasm being tormented with disease was to my horror being enacted on a daily basis in the not-so aseptic conditions of dialysis units and centers. 

The only depths lower you could get in Dante's hierarchy was that of the Ninth Circle reserved for Treachery.  Those who betrayed family, nation, and god.

So we transition from this already established paradigm set to verse in 1300 AD to the database in Israel where I have spent countless hours trying to get insights on how they organize their data to show which vaccines lead to which genetic mutations that lead to which diseases.

The reason that I linked the PDF we found at NatMed  with this page is because when I compiled the list of diseases that were caused by 'vaccinal accident' the data was indistinguishable from the kind of presentation I had been studying from the Weizmann Institute analysis. 

It is really quite simple to decode if you know the pattern.

Pick a disease: any disease.  Let's take Rubella.

Look up what malacards says about it, then look at the list labeled Related Diseases.

If you simply idly scan around you will see that the top percentile will have genes that are associated with these additional disease states.  Anyone familiar with my exposition on the MTHFR conspiracy in my book Same Pig Different Lipstick will know immediately that NONE of these diseases are 'natural'. 

My You Tube MTHFR Liars


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They are the result of genetic mutation and the only sure way of that occurring is via inoculation.  So, the next step is to go down the extended list to see what diseases that share the same name as vaccines appear.  Of course you don't have to begin at the list of Related Diseases to know from the outset that Rubella exists as a single or MMR vaccine that is quite efficient at delivering that very disease to you with the least amount of effort in trying to get ill or doing research on it.

When we gauge this profound revelation with the work assembled by Jean Paul from his MedNat pdf we see that it is quite possible that the EPIDEMICS of carpal tunnel and arthritis undeniably came from Rubella shots.  Read the PDF.

We can, however, continue down the Related Diseases list to find that TETANUS and TUBERCULOSIS are at the very top of the list.  These are both horrors of bioweapons.  Tetanus toxoid in an infant will DESTROY the gut biome with probably NO HOPE of recovery.  And they wonder why probiotic sales are in the billions....

Who's in on this con?

TB according to the genius work of Lawrence Broxmeyer and presaged by Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann MAY BE AT THE HEART OF ALL CHRONIC DISEASE IN HU-MANS!

If we just assume that the average modern child got MMR, DPT and TB inoculations then ANY of the sequelae that is listed on the malacard site from disease presentation to genetic mutation is GUARANTEED!

See how simple that is?

Oh, but we ain't done...

Measles, Mumps, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Herpes (from polio shots or buffalo wings at sports bars from vaccinated birds), Chicken Pox...

sorry...fell asleep there for a minute.  You might as well list (and they do) all of the names of diseases that double as vaccines and you will get the CONSTELLATION of what was promoted on that malacard page as being JUST RUBELLA.  But then that is what they call the polymicrobial infections such as Lyme isn't it?  Constellation.  Biofilm.  I call them condominium or Project housing of bugs.

Lettuce take a look at the door prizes: the diseases that are not necessarily a vaccine in and of themselves but are what result from the vaccine:

encephalitis, thyroiditis, diabetes, rheumatic disease, meningitis, myelitis, autoimmunity, celiac, purpura, blindness, lupus, hemolytic anemia, asthma, optic neuritis, vasculitis, viral esophagitis...

Lettuce now chart out my culling of the most excellent offering of Jean Paul at MedNat to see how his harvest of medical reports from 1926 to 1990 match with just a single entry in the malacard database:

Malacard                        MedNat
encephalitis                    encephalitis
diabetes                         diabetes
rheumatic disease         rheumatic disease rheumatoid purpura, arthritis
meningitis                      meningitis
myelitis                          myelitis
autoimmunity                 autoimmunity
purpura                          purpura fulminans
blindness                       optic nerve atrophy blindness
lupus                              discoid lupus erythematosus
hemolytic anemia           hemolytic anemia
asthma                           asthma
optic neuritis                   optic neuritis
vasculitis                        allergic vasculitis, perarteritis nodosa, small vessel vasculitis

Just for fun I left in the thyroiditis and celiac from the malacards because they did not show up precisely as that in the MedNat PDF, but you have my assurance that with autoimmunity alone anyone that gets any of these vaccines is headed towards thyroiditis and celiac as a door prize.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Those of you who are observant will notice that I also included viral esophagitis.  This was a topic that got me and a listmember on the Road to Rubella in the first place because there was NO RATIONAL EXPLANATION for why or how those with autism would have manifestations of throat and appetite dysfunction without some serious organic disease shot into them.

Remember Dante, that other famous Italian?  That tenth Evil Pocket in Circle 8 is looking like it was populated by vaccinees.  When you are guaranteed to be given just about every disease in the books with a single vaccine when it can give you the very disease that it was promised to prevent --- then why would ANYONE EVER get a vaccine?

I will hint here that advanced readers of the malacards database will get deep insights from some other categories listed on most of the master pages:
-Articles related to....Rubella (in this case) are mildly interesting.
-Genes related to.....take us into the world of just what they broke, how and why.  Never forget that it is said that the Adventis smallpox vaccine is implicated in mutating the MTHFR gene.
-Expression for genes affiliated especially useful to the non-technical reader since the colored graph will get you DIRECTLY TO THE ANSWER THAT I GUARANTEED REGARDING THE THYROIDITIS.  The chart has the thyroid and adrenals depicted head and shoulders above the other entries, thus indicating that for the disease of rubella as ingrafted by a weapon of war that those tissues are particular susceptible to mutation and therefore causing not only the symptoms of the labeled disease but off-label MALAdies as well.  THAT is why they are called: MALA cards.
Male bolge
Mala cards
Male cards
Evil Cards
-Pathways related to.....are always especially insightful and will be the culmination of this brief overview of how to decode this repository of biological carnage.  In this particular instance for Rubella we see that ALLOGRAFT REJECTION is related to the bug in question.  One of my greatest insights studying this work led to my conclusions in my books Hu-Man Beans, chapter AlloGRAFT and Corruption, and later as a major theme of the role of Candida in Doof Of The Dogs.



-Compounds related to....will give insights on what drugs and sometimes what alternative medicine supplements are being thrown around in the face of the whirlwind of these diseases that are obviously genetic derangements therefore can NEVER be cured by taking a pill or using a therapy.  Nice try, though, to get people off the scent that this is a database of the standard method of genetic 'science'.  It has always been the practice of genetic investigation to Knock Out a gene then wait to see what happens.  If the victim dies then that is an Ooops! Oh, well... that shows the organism can't live without it.  If it survives but gets a disease then they label the gene as having something to do with disease.  If the changes only occur in the next generation then that is recorded too.  Now, if you are really old you might think that I am talking about studying fruit flies or lab mice.  Unless your Aunt Alice looks like a drosophila or your Uncle Pete looks like a furry albino, then put your pictures here:_____________  because YOU'RE IT!

ALL of these vaccines with varying Lot & Serial Numbers carrying mutative weapons are the painstaking work of taking out single or multiple genes in the lab rat (that would be you and your family) population, then just waiting for the electronic hospital or clinic records to report to the A.I. how well they did on their Knock Out experiments (that would be you and your family) so that they could add it to the body of knowledge that you and I just evaluated.

Yes, Title 50 of the US code is their permission to themselves to treat the world as their Petri dish and they have never neglected to use those war powers to full advantage.

Malebolge, indeed.

Welcome to Hell.