UPDATE:  Since September 13, 2023 I was locked out of my ancient Gmail account because that is part of their malicious exortion.  Because it's all owned by the same company, Goo Gall was also locked out my access and by October started disappearing my videos.

I am currently using Substack as a public forum in place of an email list and attempting to load audio with static pictures.


This was my first well-populated site until I lost control of it because I was locked out of my email.  See why this turns into extortion?


This is the continuation of that work, however I will keep both active since I got back control of that old email that I will no longer be using.


Please feel free to write to me at:
anytime for any reason.

I do my best to reply as soon as my schedule allows.

My time is not my own because I work 17-24 hours some days (we are in the biggest War this Universe has ever seen - sleep is a luxury) so I am not interested in anything whatsoever political.  I do not want to be sent videos, audio, website, or article links unless the sender has previously analyzed them and gives a full accounting of them just like a buffer sends data packets out to the central processor.  The SOLE focus of the work that I do with my group The Little Red Hens is Lyme disease, Spirochetes and other lab-invented co-infections and how to defeat them.   Something that has never happened in 5783 years.

Some of the greatest breakthroughs we have made came from email messages with the openings:
This is probably nothing, but...
I have no idea what this means, but...

Within my close circle of unpaid, selfless researchers who I call my Little Red Hens, who are predominantly women, but there are some men, there are those with technical backgrounds and those who just have practical sense.

Credentials mean nothing to me.  I call myself a Dumb Farm Boy.  After all, within 30 short years I was able to expose nearly all of the significant warfare tactics of the Planetary Military Occupation.

It is best if what you have to share is done in a public forum like the Substacks because then you also have access to some of the greatest minds in history.

Let's make History in Our Image.