Please feel free to write to me at:
anytime for any reason.
I do my best to reply as soon as my schedule allows.

Feel free to sign up for my email list by sending a message to:

It is kind of an intelligence test.  There are automated email list services that people sign up for impersonally through machines.  People are so habituated to not making contact with a real person that there are those who send me an email with a message such as:

I don't know if this is getting through but I want to know how to sign on to your list.


they just send a blank message --- to which I will not respond nor will I sign them up because it was a BLANK MESSAGE.  I don't know if they hit the wrong button or if they wanted to order pizza.

Frankly, if it is too hard or traumatic to send me a personal message to join my personal list then I really don't want them.

Think of it like trying to walk a poodle on a leash through the open window of a sportscar on a highway.

It ain't gonna be pretty...

My messages are sporadic or overwhelming.  Some people sign off due to sheer volume of messages.
My messages are all irreverent and full of foul language.  Despite that I have had devout christians, witches, and jews on my list for up to 8 years without complaints.  Satanists and patriots can't seem to stand me.

Some simply can't take an insult to their precious Constitution or favorite Fear Pornographer or licensed Internet Guru and are gone after a single message.
That's fine.

I do, however, have a requirement.

My list is free.

I do that because there are those who, like me, live below the poverty level and they are some of the best people on the planet.  I would never refuse anyone access to my genius.
But it is genius.
  And it comes with a price.

I expect that folks on my list contribute to the collection and dissemination of data that will allow us to KNOW OUR ENEMY with the singular purpose of defeating it.

Not to pass fear porn around playing the Eric Berne game of Ain't It Awful?

In the very least, I expect everyone on the list to feed the man with a brain the size of a planet all of the data possible so that I can to meta-analysis and synthesis on it.

Some of the greatest breakthroughs we have made came from email messages with the openings:
This is probably nothing, but...
I have no idea what this means, but...

Within my close circle of unpaid, selfless researchers who I call my Little Red Hens, who are predominantly women, but there are some men, there are those with technical backgrounds and those who just have practical sense.

Credentials mean nothing to me.  I call myself a Dumb Farm Boy.  After all, within 30 short years I was able to expose nearly all of the significant warfare tactics of the Planetary Military Occupation.

So, write to me without joining;
but don't
join me without writing.

Show me that you are invested in saving your own life and planet because I surely won't do it for you or anyone else.

I'm in it for me.

If the world benefits then that is just crumbs off the table.  Maybe that makes me a crumby guy, but unless you like screaming while the roller coaster goes down the track with nothing but doom in front of it then sending me scraps of data is a small price to pay.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you...well...except for that screaming part...