What is a Prion?
What causes prions to be generated?
How does a protein get misfolded?
Where are my chromosomes?
What happened to them?
How do genes get damaged?
Do all diseases cause prions? or do prions cause all disease?
What is the Planetary Military Occupation?
How have they deployed their global biocidal biological weapon?
What can be done to stop it?

Prion Agenda, Unfolding The Continuum, is like no other book on the planet [hence the price].

NO ONE but Patrick Jordan examines BOTH sides of the dialectic to offer the THIRD OPTION of what is or might really be going on.  Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT!  In on what?  The Prion Agenda.  See 1, 2, 3, DEAD; then followup with 1, 2, 3 LIVE.  In his previous 13 books he has exposed that ALL modern medicine was created by the military.  You are considered their enemy and vermin worthy only to be experimented on before being exterminated.  No one ever needed Title 50 of the U.S. Code to have to spell that out for them, but...they did spell it out for you.

Prion Agenda is possibly the funniest book Patrick Jordan has ever written.  Over the course of three years to put out the Encyclopedia Jordanica series, he pretty much forgot the jokes and wry (shockingly foul-languaged) humor he put in it, so just like any other Alzheimered prion-rotted intellect, he forgot most of the jokes only to get a hearty belly laugh from the mind of a genius that laughs and farts at the Devil.

Pretty much the most stark description of Life (or lack of it) is described in this one book and laid out for you in a way undeniable to all-comers.  Patrick then has a question for you:

What are you going to do about it?


What is Continuum?

Only the genius of Patrick Jordan inspired by the eternal Circles in Dante's Inferno can bring you the explanation of Life itself.  Everything, everywhere, all the time is connected.  The most significant breakthrough came with the definition of:

allergy = addiction = immunity = hypersensitivity = detoxification

When you read Prion Agenda to get the full scope of what is going on then you will know that ALL disease is PRION disease.  Continuum.

Patrick does a vivisection on all of the sacred cows of mainstream and alternative medicine to show that it has been a monumental fraud full of mindless repetition of memes that cannot stand to the simplest logic and critical thinking.  The deconstruction of these myths can be taught to a third-grader.

Other continuums exist and are explored in such depth that the single focus of this book: Cytochrome P450 was the reason that this book had to be written.  Continuum had exceeded the bounds of Prion Agenda, Unfolding The Continuum.  This is Patrick's 15th book.  It is Volume 7 in the Encyclopediae Jordanica series that started with Operator's Manual for the Hu-Man Body; Continuum can be considered part of a single narrative spanning Hu-Man Beans, Same Pig Different Lipstick, Doof of the Dogs, and Prion Agenda.  Over three-thousand pages of text just to bring mankind up to kindergarten knowledge of how to survive on a lethally hostile planet.

Patrick Jordan is grim.  Damned funny, but grim.  The situation seems hopeless but that is good.  Read his homepage.  Hope is the enemy.  With the ammunition gathered from just understanding Continuum as a concept, we can then acquire the skills necessary from the Art of War:  Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, Expect the Unexpected.  Hope has no room nor sway here.  Biological problems require biological solutions.

Please note:
There are two versions of the cover for Continuum offered.
Your choice is solely aesthetic.  The original color cover as seen above
or the black & white cover below
to provide continuity with the stark black and white cover of the first book ICD-999.  Different covers just for the symmetry of it, but the contents are the same.

Enter the Continuum, I will meet you in the middle.