What really draws most people into my work and drives others away is the synthesis.

Dialectic is based on banging two polar opposites together to make people decide on what I call the False Binary Choice of either being shot in the chest or stabbed in the back.  It's your choice.

When I abandoned religion so many years ago, I vowed that I would never study it again.

Confronted with the reality that nearly all disease in this modern world was caused by vaccines and that Rudolph Virchow was right in saying: All Medicine is Politics, you find that if you enter the world of what is wrongly called Alternative Media (Controlled Opposition is more like it) then you will arrive at politics that lead you to medicine or medicine that leads you to politics yet neither are separate from religion.

When I saw what no one else was talking about: that the Federal Reserve was called The Temple because the ancient Babylonian and Carthegenian Temple systems were based on sacred prostitution (go figure) where money was OFFERED for SERIVICES RENDERED thus making the temples into central banks leveraging Sex Magicks against all peoples, I found I had no other choice then to study the ancient Babylonian system.

Uruk, Eric, Iraq is the country of ancient Babylonia.  Isn't it interesting then, that it was invaded and 'liberated'?

You will find out why when you read my books.

But for now, let me summarize why people either love me or hate me (dialectic?).

The ancient Babylonian system had Demons with the names of Diseases.  Said another way, they had Diseases with the names of Demons.

I was on the trail of bacteriophages for some time.  These are viruses that infect bacteria to either kill them (lysogenic) or make them poisonous (toxogenic).

Concurrently I was on the trail of toxic mold.  I read a book on secondary metabolites of fungus written by a college professor and found that I was stupider having read it then before I cracked the book open.  As I continued my study in the moldy libraries of the University of ILL Annoyed, I chanced upon a book of fungal taxonomy.  It listed: MYCOPHAGES!

Despite my brain being liquefied by the fungi I was hunting, I immediately knew what was going on!

In typical Babylonian Name Change fashion they had put new lipstick on the pig of Mycophages to call them mycoviruses.  If I had not seen the phage designation then I might have lost the entire connection!

Bacteriophages make bacteria toxic.

This is why, as we sit here, we are COVERED in things like Clostridia tetani yet we are not dead from tetanus.  It is because (other than not suffering from puncture wounds) the phage that requires passage through a horse's intestines has not infected the bacteria or its spore that can lay dormant in soil for up to a hundred years until it finds warm flesh to germinate in.

Why wouldn't fungus that is called toxic also follow this pattern of being infected by mycophages or mycovirus being pushed to toxigenicity?

Taken to its extreme, and highlighted through the rest of my work is that Hu-Mans behave irrationally.  They are TOXIC to their life support system and lethal to each other.

This does not make sense if what the Father of Mind Control Jose Delgado said was true: that primates, when confronted with threat will attempt to run away.  The nature of humans is non-aggressive.

IF this was true, then whence cometh the aggression?

Could it be that the entire scope of mankind's grief came not from within but from a microbe (whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial is of no significance at this point) that turned an otherwise loving species toxigenic against the very planet it lives on and its own kind?

Words like: spiritual are thrown around as if anyone knows what it means or can define it.  Religions (like our demon/disease construct) like to speak of the Spirit realm as 'another dimension' populated by things 'unseen'.

I've worked around electron microscopes.  You can take it from me that there are things 'unseen' that don't need to be from another dement shun to really mess up your day.

If we simply take the concept of the Archons (means: Controllers/Governors [govern mente means: to steer the mind]) as outlined by the Gnositics and simply demystify it to bring it kicking and screaming into a world of hard science and inquiry with no occultation, then it is possible that these Controllers who steer Hu-Man beings like puppets may be nothing more than viruses.

How can I say something that radical?  Look it up yourself.  The Baculovirus that infects insects and is now used to make Flu Vaccines has genes that have been sequenced and determined to actually CONTROL BEHAVIOR like CLIMB.

Said another way in the parlance of those who control all media:  MOVING FORWARD!

Baculovirus Molecular Biology, 2013, Third Edition, George F. Rohrmann, Department of Microbiology Oregon State University,

          Baculovirus infection appears to be capable of enhancing this behavior and can cause a terminally infected insect to migrate to a higher elevation on the branch of a tree or plant. This is thought to facilitate dispersal of the occlusion bodies. This condition was noted in Germany in the 1900s and named ‘wipfelkrankeit’ (tree-top disease). In one investigation, this phenomena was examined in cabbage moth larvae (Mamestra brassicae) on diet and cabbage plants infected with MbNPV which is likely a variant of MacoMNPV, a group II baculovirus. It was observed that most of the uninfected larvae were located in the heart of cabbage plants, whereas infected third instar larvae were located at the top or edge of the plant. This behavioral difference appeared to be confined to third instar and was not observed in first or fifth instar larvae. A gene (Ac1) encoding a protein tyrosine phosphatase has been implicated in the enhancement of this terminal movement of infected insects. Insects infected with BmNPV deleted for this gene failed to undergo the enhanced wandering behavior induced by wt viral infection. How this enzyme can influence wandering behavior is unclear. Protein tyrosine kinases influence a variety of pathways that regulate a number of important physiological processes. Consequently, protein tyrosine phosphatases could have reverse effects on all these pathways. However, in one study, mutation of the active site of BmNPV PTP had no effect on the enhanced wandering in B. mori larvae infected with mutant BmNPV. In contrast, in another investigation with Spodoptera exigua larvae infected with a similar mutation of AcMNPV ptp caused reduced wandering behavior. In addition, there is another type of movement involving larval climbing behavior that has been reported in L. dispar larvae. It was suggested that the egt gene of the LdMNPV (that lacks a ptp gene) is involved in this behavior. Because of the broad effects of this enzyme on insect metabolism, it is unclear whether it is directly involved in regulating this activity. In addition, other LdMNPV genes that could influence this behavior were not examined.

          Late in infection, after the wandering stage, the insects become torpid and undergo what is termed ‘melting’. Melting refers to the disintegration or liquifaction of the insect and is caused by some, but not all viruses. When on an even surface, the infected insects appear to flatten out and all the tissues appear to melt together and liquefy. Clearly, the disintegration of insects at a higher elevation on a plant and the subsequent contamination of lower vegetation could result in the infection of additional insect hosts, in contrast to simply dying, falling on the ground, and decaying into the soil. 

Does the melting sound like Shaken Baby Syndrome caused by autoimmune scurvy caused by viri rewritting the human genome preventing even adults from healing connective tissue?

If Candida can make you crave sugar, if Rabies can make animals bite to pass the infection along, can you deny that 'lower' lifeforms might be able to tell a 'higher' lifeform what to do?

What do we do with a revelation as I just outlined in shortened form that you have heard nowhere else no other time in the History of Mankind?

IF Evil is infectious in nature, then it is corporeal, it can be known, it can be rooted out and can be extincted.

Time to get to work...


Moving Forward