Unless you clean up your oral health you might as well save your money on all other pursuits.

All medicine, therefore all doctors (MDs and DENTISTS) arose from the military.  I prove that in The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Plantae and develop that theme in my other books.  Therefore, when you go into a clinic or hospital or private practice you are going into the field hospitals of a hostile military force whose only objective is to harm, maim, and kill under the Medical Manhattan Project known as Operation Paperclip.  The horrific experiments on humankind as laboratory animals is seen most poignantly in something as simple as Autism where the chromosomal damage inflicted is to further the Human Genome Project.  Laboratory science always breaks a metabolic process to see what fails so that they can infer how it was supposed to work.

Once you internalize this horrific reality then you can see that procedures like amalgam mercury/silver fillings, root canals or crowns with breast cancer-causing nickel appliances, dissimilar metals, etc. are all designed to graft a permanent, slow-poison weapon inside your body.

Unless you find a dentist who is not part of the harm, maim, kill agenda then you will always be at risk.  Even holistic/biological dentists have been shown to give advice and do work that damages people's health.

What criteria should you have for a proper physician?

If your gut tells you to get the hell out --- then get the hell out!  No matter what kind of words or persuasions or reasonable fees a practitioner offers, if your innards tell you it ain't right --- it ain't right.
What should you do?  Where should you go?

I cannot answer that.  We have always been given the choice between being shot in the chest or stabbed in the back.  The alternatives to dental appliances have been structured the same way.  Toxic metals are devastating to the body so they need to be removed.  Hulda Clark recommended using (basically crazy glue) methacrylate without any of the commercial dopants.  It is the lesser of two evils.  Ytterbium trifluoride is used in some commercial plastic fillings also called composites.  Some people erroneously call composites: porcelain.  If you find any long-term studies on the biological impact of Ytterbium or its trifluoride then send it to me.  The very lack of that kind of data says that it is just another weapon being tested in the mouths of the unwary.  They claim that they put this exotic metal in the plastic so that it can be seen on x-rays.

I have not found any plausible negative information on porcelain (glass) yet you will be hard pressed to find a dentist that will work with it.  That kind of resistance speaks less of a difficulty with working with that material than steering the unwary into the wrong decision.

According to Hulda Clark and all good reason: gold and its alloys are toxic.  You will rarely find Gold that is not complexed with Nickel (breast cancer promoter), Platinum (so cytotoxic that it is used in cancer drugs), Palladium (comes with a warning as a precious metal commodity to not even TOUCH it!), Silver (constant destruction of oral microbes allows super pathogens to develop), etc.  Plus, when you have two dissimilar metals like Gold and Mercury in the same mouth at the same time it sets up an electric current that pushes the toxins into the body.  Hulda also warned against amalgam tattoos left by incompetent dentists on/in improperly restored teeth; cavitations (cryptic infections/dry rot); and the need for a rubber dam to be installed so that the mercury chips don't go down your cakehole, along with an oxygen so that the Mad Hatter fumes don't up your blowhole.  After all that you might not even be able to afford additional help.  

The fear tactic to 'save the tooth' at any costs including root canals with Nickel alloy studs is just like scaring a mother into a C-section because of the invented crisis of 'fetal distress' on the monitor.  C-sections are covered by insurance, but natural birth is full of financial danger for the military officer pretending to help you with your birth.  All childbirth is traumatic so OF COURSE the monitor will show distress!  Some teeth are not worth saving because the object was not to attempt to fix a bad thing but to prevent it from ever going bad in the first place.

You might have heard of oil pulling as a miracle cure for dental disease.  I have tried it with no success.  Later, I tried it again with a different oil and it seemed to help a bit but there were no blue skies or angels singing.  [Do not write me to find out what oil that I used because this is the section that is free.  Specifics are what the consultation fee is for.]  Whenever a miracle cure is promoted I account it as either a lie, or that the person who was healed WASN'T REALLY THAT SICK.  I have worked with really ill people since 2008 yet have never seen a miracle cure by any method.  Slow, steady, methodical removal of the bad with building up of the good is the only thing that has provided useful change.

If you have completed a dental cleanup and would like to consult with me about lingering concerns then please send me an email to generalportal55@gmail.com to see if we can work together to meet your goals.

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