$11 each for any one of the collection of 11 CDs that make up the complete set with a free single data CD.

Each single CD can be had in the form of AUDIO (wave file) that can be played in home and car stereos; or as MP3 files that can be used in other players.  This is the economy method that allows those who can't afford the upfront cost to build the set, but ultimately it will cost more than buying the whole set at once.
Disk #    Contents
1            Introduction
2            Protocol 1
3            Protocol 2
4            Protocol 3
5            Protocol 4, 5
6            Protocol 6-9
7            Protocols 10-11
8            Protocols 12-14
9            Protocol 15
10          Protocols 16-19
11          Protocols 20-24

$80 for a single CD that contains ALL of the MP3s plus free data.

$110 for ALL 11 Audio (wave files) as individual CDs that can be played on home and car stereos plus free single data CD.

Because technology has gotten out of control, I will not be able to say if your devices require one format over another.  I have done my best to accommodate all possibilities.

You can make your purchases via PayPal
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Cheers, my friends.

It is claimed, but I won't bother to investigate, that after The Bible, The Protocols are the most read document on the planet.

I can guarantee that every living being regardless or race, color, religion, or any other division will be offended by the interpretation of The Protocols.  Equal Opportunity.  I can guarantee that no one in the History of Mankind has had the intelligence and courage to expose these documents for what they really are.  No one in the History of Mankind has defined the problem that we face not in politics, religion, hearts & minds, numbers, or any facet of 'Hu-manity' or social interaction, even social engineering, but BIOLOGY.

ONLY in Biology is there an explanation of Us vs. Them.  ONLY in Biology is there a solution.

Enter at your own risk.

Protocol Project

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