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​​​​​​​​Why Vaccine Fraud?

127 years ago Edgar March Crookshank had his career ruined after he published History and Pathology of Vaccination in 1889.

​          101 years previously, Edward Jenner inflicted a superstition on the world with the full blessing and forceful implementation of the world governments.   Crookshank proved beyond a shadow of a doubt ​using Jenner's own papers that vaccination was a fraud.  Fraud often leads to death.  Fraud and Murder have no statute of limitations.  What this means is that ALL of the pseudoscience that followed to pretend to support Jenner's fraud is also fraudulent and leads to death; plus ALL of the governments who knew that the system didn't work were party to the fraud and murder making them co-conspirators in Crimes Against Life.

​           From History and Pathology of Vaccination, Vol. 1
          A strong feeling of opposition to the practice arose and both clergymen and physicians became ardent anti-inoculators.  In 1722, an anonymous pamphlet[1] appeared which described inoculation as the outcome of atheism, quackery, and avarice.  The Rev. Mr. Massey preached a sermon, in which he condemned it as a dangerous and sinful practice; and Dr. Wagstaffe,[2] a physician of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, expressed a desire to have further evidence of the efficacy of inoculation, and considered that posterity would marvel that a practice employed by a few ignorant women amongst an illiterate and unthinking people, should have so suddenly been adopted by one of the politest nations in the world.  In criticising the cases in the family of Mr. Batt, he said:-
           "I am well informed by Persons of unquestionable reputation, that the Town of Hertford is a lamentable Evidence of the danger of this practice, where the Distemper was spread by it to that degree, as not only to make an havock of the Inhabitants, but to hinder the Commerce of the place.  Thus the Operator has it in his power to convey the Small Pox to distant Places and Persons, who neither avow his practice or desire his experiment: And if 'tis possible that the ingrafted Pox can be so poysonous as to communicate certain death to all around by this method, they may ingraft as violent a Plague as has been known among us.  How far the Legislature may think fit to interpose, in order to prevent such an artificial way of depopulating a Country, is not my Province to determine."
          [1]  The New Practice of Inoculation considered, and an Humble Application to the Approaching Parliament for the Regulation of that Dangerous Experiment.
          [2] Wagstaffe.  A letter to Dr. Freind.  1722

          So why does vaccination not only persist? those of inocent minds ask, But is pushed to a fever pitch?
          You read it above.  1722.  It is a military operation for depopulation.  And you thought depopulation was a modern notion.
          The CDC is uniformed military.  It has a surgeon GENERAL.  It has monetary patent interest in deploying biological weapons against those they consider their Enemy.  OF COURSE they will say that it is 'medicine' and that they are doing it for the 'public health'.  But then you WOULD say that if you were running a psychological warfare operation that had been successful since at least 1722.
The time for infantile rhetoric has passed.  There is no such thing as a 'contaminated' vaccine.  It is a biological weapon.  There is no such thing as 'too many vaccines' any more than there are too many bullets in a machine gun.  'Greening' a vaccine is like painting novocaine on a full-metal jacketed projectile.  When you call things the way they are then all pretense, and dialectic falls away.

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