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YouTube Channel:

I have been on YouTube in many forms since at least 2010, but this is the first time that I have been able to make and upload my own material.  You will find me just as irreverent, foul, and blasphemous as I am in print and my emails.  My radio presentations are slightly more sedate in deference to the hosts and radio stations.  If I were to say exactly what I thought in exactly the manner it needs to be delivered I would not be allowed in any venue so keep that in mind when you consider my content not suitable to distributing to friends and family that you want to 'wake up'.

Always remember that I am not here for Education, Critical Mass, Hundredth Monkey, or Hearts & Minds.  You cannot win the hearts & minds of those who have neither hearts nor minds.

If you are not up to speed then you will just slow our work down. You can lift the weights and bulk up using the materials that I share that I feel are necessary for the survival of the species by studying my books and the content of the videos has blossomed to the point where the material presented with the valuable help of The Little Red Hens SHOULD have changed the face of Medicine.

Advanced video narration material is presented because you are worth my time and I need help.  No man is an island.  There is also the off chance that that woman or women who are going to change the world might not even be able to afford one of my books.  Godnose, even I can't.  Sit back and watch a video for three hours.  They're free.  Well, not really, they will etch your soul.  Make sure you have plenty of horse tranquilizers on hand.

All my best.