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I am not a doctor.  I cannot give medical advice.

What I can do is give you book reports and tell you what my experiences are.

For $100 a month flat rate you can have access to me 12 hours a day from 10 AM to 10 PM central time.  Your concerns could be as simple as a lifestyle change, or they may take years to resolve.  We are all fully aware of how extortive insurance barely pays for a 5-minute doctor visit where no significant history could ever be taken on what ails people, with the predetermined outcome of drugs or surgery.  Peeling back the layers of abuse to our bodies takes time.  Healing the body will clear the mind to make you aware of how you got there.  These insights will allow you to prevent it from ever happening again.  I will share what I know to allow your own body to try to correct itself in this abusive world.  I do not sell any supplements.  Any recommendations of what I would do if I were you regarding third party products are not covered in the consultation fee.

The first thing I will tell you is free.  See my page on Oral Health.

Send me an email to generalportal55@gmail.com to see if we can meet your goals.